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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Sunday (5 Feb)

Went to Tien Hou Temple for praying...
The deco there was very nice...
Haven't been there for so many years...
I can't even remember when was the last visit.
But I think it was with my mom and dad only.

I like the background...

Lotus Light

Qian Shou Guan Yin

It was raining when we were playing up there...
When rain stopped we went home because we went there quite late.
Reached there about 10pm.

And I remember....
Liverpool lost to Chelsea on that night....
Ha ha ha ha!

Saturday (4 Feb)

After a series of fights and arguments, I hope everything is ok now.
Went for movie at One U.
FEARLESS... I like it.
Too bad, he watched it without me first.
So it was his 2nd time watching the movie.
He has no comment. I think he has told people he watched with.
So I don't feel very nice after watching it.
But I like the movie.
I cried.... so pityful lah...
But I respect that character eventhough he was so immatured before.

Had a quick dinner at Long John Silver before the show start because we did not expect we can get to buy ticket for such an early show.
By the time we got the ticket, we had 20 left...
So we headed to the nearest shop that had the least crowd and eat something to fill the stomach.

Some chicken combo!

Fish Wrap!

The food there was not too bad.... I think the fries were okay but they do not look nice... The chicken.... I hope I will not take that anymore. But the Fish Wrap was not bad!


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