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Sunday, May 21, 2006

2 more days

Another 2 more days to the deadline.
It marks the starting point of my struggling-tiring-neverending journey.

He is making me think now...
He asked me lots and lots and lots of questions about the so-near-yet-so far FUTURE.
But he has never asked me if I want the diamond that worth RM 20k or the tote bag I wanted.

I can't think of anything other than exam questions.
I'm thinking of how to show the estimator is unbiased, consistent and efficient.
Prerably everything is a BLUE.
Or I'm thinking of what test to be used when the estimator has problem...
Or I'm thinking of how to overcome these problems.

But why in the world, we don't have the formulas to show that we are unbiased, consistent and efficient.
Why in the world, we don't have any test to test the presence of problem...
Maybe yes... some IQ tests and EQ tests or some bluff-people love tests or some bluff-people personality tests then usually make most of the people fall in the same group by answering a few questions.
Why in the wolrd, we don't have a paradigm of solutions to tell us exactly what to do to overcome the problems....

But in Econometrics, we have plenty...
Or I quote "too many".
Until I dream of it almost every night.

I don't know what to answer...
So I answered him something that he would love to hear or know or maybe he doesn't love.
I just want to have clear-minded time because I'm very very very very worried of exam on tuesday.

Calm down, calm down...
Who knows what is happening to me?
Who knows??
I doubt he knows!


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