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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Finally I am studying...
It is studying..
By this time, people usually doing revision!!
But.. I am only studying, understanding what them..
I don't mind being slow but I must be steady.

And I've just realised CF is a very interesting subject.
But sometimes the theories are too in-depth.
I'm not sure this happens to other courses or not but in my course all the theories are like that.
We learn more in theories than pratical.
I don't know whether all the knowledge gained will be useful in work later or not..
But at right now, all that are important for EXAMS!!!

I went to library at 11am...
I left at 4pm because it was going to rain soon and I don't want to get caught in the traffic jam.
Waited for the feeder bus to main block and once I got up to the car, the rain starts..
Lucky man...
I had productive hours in the library...
I'm happy though it is very tiring and boring.
And now...
I'm still working on the notes.
I want to finish this sub-unit before I go to bed.

Jia you jia you!!

Oh ya!!
Wong Choong Hann will not play for 6 months because he broke his Accilles Tendon.
I'm so sad for him plus he is the captain for the Malaysia Badminton Squad to Thomas Cup Japan 2006.
The 23-year-old Kuan Beng Hong will be playing for 3rd single and Muhd Hafiz will be taking Wong's place for 2nd single.
Hopefully they can still win without Wong.

Get well soon!!!


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