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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wesak Day

Wesak eve, I spent half a day in BUBS for the preparation of oil lamps.
I didn't sleep well the night before so when I reached home, I slept till 7pm..

On Wesak Day itself, I went there around 12pm after brunch!
Then looking around at their Wesak Food Fair.

Wesak Food Fair Plan

Oil lamps

Food fair closed at around 2pm...
Then we started cleaning up the oil lamps at 3pm.
Things were done at 4.20pm..
We broke quite a number of glasses too when we were washing and packing the glasses back into the boxes.

It was a fun day...
And it was the 1st wesak celebration I went to.

Wanted to go to One Utama after that...
But I saw there were damn a lot of cars going in...
So decided to go to The Curve instead of One U.
Luckily the traffice wasn't that bad.
Walked around The Curve... and was trying the Ogawa Massage Chair (because he sent the foot massager back for repair... the thing was not working.. and I was just trying because I hate Ogawa.)

Then went to Ikano...
Walked around and looking for a place for tea+dinner...
Settled down at Uncle Lim's

Nasi Lemak
It wasn't as good as the one that I had in Times Square.
And.. the rice was not properly cooked..
So I demanded for another bowl of rice for substitution.

Roti Bakar

Then we went to Ikea for coffee and currypuffs..
I just love the currypuffs there...

Bought a pair of sandals in Vincci..
Wanted to get another 2 pairs of heels.. but there are no sizes left for me..
So sad!!


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