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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gathering @ HoneyBee, SS2

Bee Yam called me yesterday, asking me to go out today because Lay Sye wanted to meet us up for a gathering.
I was thinking...
Why huh?
She wants to meet us but Bee Yam called ???
She has big anoouncement to make izzit???
Since I have nothing to do, so I promised to go.

And just now..
We met up at Honey Bee Cafe, SS2...
The car looks so cute but it has flat tyres!

I show you the food and beverage.

Drinks Ordered:
MangoTwinkleLittleStar (Bee Yam), Love Letter (Lay Sye), Pink Panther (Ting Ting & BF), Iced Lemon Honey (Myself)
My comment: They don't have much choices.. I looked at the menu for more than 10 mins, then only I decided what to drink. But what I ordered is not in the menu.. Hahahah!
I'm not sure if their ice blended is nice or not.
I hope people drink will leave a comment.

Bee Yam's Ginger Onion Chicken Rice

My Thai Styled Chicken Rice
My comment: Wah.. this is like one of the most 'Does-Not-Taste-Like-Thai-Food' chicken rice that I've eaten. I can only taste HOT and sour. I think I can cook better. Just go get a bottle of Thai Chili Sauce (No the one you see in KFC) and cook with fried chicken will do!

Ting Ting's Waffer

The food = no good.
The environment okay lah...
But when I was eating, we smelled something like 'salted-fish'. I think it's Belacan.
Why you cook that kind of thing and you still let you customers smell that.
Very potong-stim you know...
Talk talk half-way, and you smell something like that.
Bee Yam actually covered her nose with tissue!!

Photo session:

Chi Yng and I

Pretty smiles we have there!!

Me, Chi Yng, Bee Yam, Lay Sye and Ting Ting

Lay Sye and I...
I don't know what goes wrong with the "dot" on my head!

Bee Yam and I...
I must admit that I AM FAT!!!

We had a great time.
We laughed damn loud in the cafe.
We were talking about their work, our exams, our lives, beauty and etc...

Ting Ting wants to have her wedding reception in KL Convention Centre...
But.. Think about the charges for the ballroom..
I think by that time money are all paid for the ballroom, there will be no money left for catering...
So it's better to have some cheap caterer to cook for RM 15/pax...
First class environment and 3rd class food??
Do you want it this way?

I don't want.
I want all done nicely.
I still want a private, warm and fun reception.

But... it's too far away to think about.
Lets concentrate in EXAMS...
We "love" exams!

Lay Sye said she feels like giving up her ACCA...
Wow.. That really scares me..
I'm not even there but she is already giving up.

Will make a decision next year when I finish my course and all that depends on my job.
If I can get a pretty good pay-job but not asking me to obtain a professional degree like that, I don't mind skipping all the professional titles!
Status cannot last forever..
Ya ya.. I know professionals last (maybe not)..
For me, I think professionals need to keep themselves updated.
So if I don't update myself with the relevant stuffs, I better not force myself to obtain the title, unless I don't have to worry about money, so I would spend my free time studying that!


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