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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Yesterday, I was having lunch at the cafeteria in Wisma E&C.
I was sitting in between this group of people from the MNC named, Shall+Hell...
They were all speaking in mandarin plus I was sitting IN BETWEEN them..
So whatever they talked about, it came into my ears.

At first.. these 3 girls were talking about SPEEDING then where to pay summon.
One(A) of them got a ticket from Polis Diraja...
She doesn't know where to pay for the ticket...
Another one (B) suggested her to pay in Police Station.
A doesn't know which police station to go to....
B suggested her to go to any police station.

LPS thought to herself: If you don't know which police station to go to, then go see if the shopping mall has offered special counter to pay fine ie One Utama.

Then another 2 guys came and sit on my leftside.
The conversation is as follows:-

A: Your hair colour so dark, sure need to dye a few times then only can see the colour one right? My bro was like that leh."
G : No ah.. I tried once... and can see the colour also.
A: Then what happened to your hair now? You dyed it back to black huh?
G: Nolah... Long already so cut it off already.

LPS was laughing to herself and thinking why in the world got such funny conversation one....

One of the girl was talking to another guy, H. I cannot remember if it is the same girl or others.
Assume it's another girl (C)
C: You cut your hair already? Look so different.
H: Yaya.... My wife too.
C: How much you spent?
H: Mine - RM 20. Hers - RM 15.
C: Why is yours so expensive?
H: She cut in the salon that she goes all the time... So they charge her cheaper.
C: Why don't you have your hair cut there too?
H: Don't want lah... All the ladies & aunties there only.
C: You never dye your hair?
H: Don't want lah... I'm going to be father soon. I don't want to be a bad example.

LPS said to herself: DUH??? What does it have to do with your baby?? If you don't get your hair dyed, your baby will think that you are some old -fashioned people.. So dull...


I don't expect people from "Shall+Hell" speaking in mandarin and in this kind of funny topic.
No.. I'm not saying that they must speak serious topic but some not some too funny topic lah.
I almost burst out into laughter when I heard that..
So I ate my lunch very very fast.. trying not to laugh while they are there!


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