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Friday, May 26, 2006

The day after exam!

On Wednesday, we went for "The Da Vinci Code".
Usually I prefer to watch movie in GSC Hall 2 and 3 because the cinema is big, the screen is big, the sound system is good too.
The show we watched was at 11.15am.. and it was at Hall 2.

About the show.. it was not that good because a lot of things was not emphasized on.
Though I didn't read the book but I know by reading the book, you'll know better about the movie.


I was craving for the mee sua...
So we had one!

Oysters Mee Sua

Then we went to have Yoshinoya... it was on promotion!

Yoshinoya's Beef Bowl

Salmon Bowl

Miso soup!

The rice is good.. Because it wasn't dried.
But the miso soup is a bit salty.

I decided to have home-cooked food for dinner...
So we left for grocery in Tesco.
I love doing grocery there because things there look cleaner and newer.

Stir-fried Siu Pak Choy with Baby Corn

I realised I can't cook siu pak choy like choy sum..
I need to add water so that it's well-cooked.
I don't know how to cook baby corn so I boiled them first before stir-frying them.

Steamed Medium Sized Pomfret

My first time steaming fish..
Hahahah!! Just pour the steamed-fish soy sauce, sesame sauce and a lil bit of white wine.
Also added some ginger slices and onion leaves.

Lemon Chicken

The other day, i tried cooking lemon chicken too with fried chicken.
But this time, I didn't fry the chicken because it's oily and unhealthy.
I heat the wok with oil and add some garlic.. then I put in the chicken...
Stir frying them....
Later I add the lemon sauce with water ....
Cooked till the water is absorbed by the chicken wings and the chicken wings are well-cooked!

Simple and easy for a home-cooked meal!
Try it if you have the time...

It's finger licking good for us, I'm not sure about you!


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