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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fish & Co

After spending half a day at home on Saturday, went to One Utama for dinner.
At first, we were undecided.
But we were considering between Fish & Co and Chili's.
Finally, we walked in to Fish & Co because we haven't had the platter there.

I was craving for the platter for so so so long dee..
But most of the time we don't eat there or we dine in Manhattan Fish Market.

Wooden coaster!

Special Chilli sauce, tartar sauce and garlic

Yummy yummy!!

Seafood Platter for Two!


The food served was goood.
I was thinking that the fish served is deep fried like fish & chips but it wasn't. I think it was either being grilled or pan-fried.
There were 10 prawns and a generous portion of big-sized calamari.
The calamari was good.. not deep fried too! I love it.
And there was 1/2 dozen of mussels in creamy garlic & lemon butter sauce..
Wow... it was so so so so delicious.
The fries are so "fat" and "thick".
The rice was okay...
With that price... It's definitely a "MUST-EAT" if you are going there with bf/gf/mom/dad or whoever lah.

I think in M.F.M, their flamming platter for two is about 10 bucks cheaper but they only gave 4 prawns and calamari and fish were deep fried and there is no mussels.

So I think I'lll rather pay another 10 dollars for those I love.
But M.F.M's Pacific Baked Dory Fish is nice.

Yeah.. I love fish!!


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