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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Chee Chung and the gf, Wening Posted by Hello

Choong weng and pS Posted by Hello

Another one of Fish's and mine! Posted by Hello

The Bon Bon cat with me....  Posted by Hello

See Sheen and pS.... He is very cute wei... Girls... He is still available! Posted by Hello

Raina, Jason, pS and Evelyn... Posted by Hello

Jia Fish... and pS Posted by Hello

This is Noah...  Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 03, 2004

UOL girl power.... Posted by Hello

Dear Audrey..... Posted by Hello

The Girl with Attitude and pS Posted by Hello

All the leng lui's with pS.... Posted by Hello

Chi Yng and pS....  Posted by Hello

Everybody..... I love you guys.... Posted by Hello

My 1st bouquet of flowers from fellow friends... Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Happy Birthday....

Yeah... it's my day again.. one year once..... Supposed to be extremely fun today i think... but still wondering if mummy is still here with me.. how would it be? Actually, this year she'll be throwing a big party for me for celebrating the 21st... though i'm onli 20 but in her eyes, i'm always one year older.. u guys know lah.. chinese mah! She edi bought me this big big present... I dunno when i onli got the chance to wear the necklace wei.... Maybe the day i get married... but this is so unfair.. when i get married should big thicker 1 rite? This is onli for bday wei.... Mummy, pls tell daddy to buy a thicker 1 ok?? Hahahaha... i think she actually know that i'm so greedy.. what others have i must have as well! Maybe my sisters and brothers will buy gua.... Dun expect too much.. the more i expect the more disappointment i get! Am I rite, people???

I'm happy and feel thankful i can live for another year... I'm 20.... and i'm blessed for every extra day i gain compared to people that live a day lesser than me. So many people were borned and left on the same day... but how many that we really know? So, every morning/afternoon when i get up, i'll tell myself... live the day better.. i gain an extra day.... Smile better.... Smile happily for urself but not others!

爱是很简单的, 因为看到心爱的人开心,你也会开心。 爱是没有的计较的, 只有深深感受到才能明白它的真理。

Thanx to people for wishing me... I'll be happy all time.... caz i know you guys will always be around and care abt me no matter where you guys are. I love u guys too... i'm very fair rite? Tobie... remember, u promised to eat with me again when ur back for my very belated bday. Chi yng... i enjoy watching movie with you.... caz i din feel sleepy though i'm very tired... so i decided to watch with u like once a month?? (sorry joseph, she is also mine..... þ) Yeah... pei shan is older... and can tok louder.... Cheerssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!