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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Something new.... weheee.....

Random surfing on the net....

There is an interesting update at the following link:

It is about same-sex marriage is now allowed in Canada. Canada is 3rd after Belgium and Netherlands. Wow... it's now legal. It could be a good news! To allow the true lovers of the same sex to have their marriage status on.....

It is pitiful when you see the real lovers are not together. Well, it is not that I agree with the same sex marriage... It is also not that that I disagree with that. I have no comment. As long as the world is peace.... Wow.. sound like somebody. Hmm..... I am just curious, how to this opposite sex couples actually start to love their partners? Aren't there enough of men for women and enough of women for men? Curious?????

Dearie is playing volleyball today, i hope i can go see lah. But I think by the time i actually leave my office, the match is already over. Gam ba tei Dear... your team won 2 matches yesterday, i think you will still win today!

OH ya... there is also this invitation from Bee yam... asking me to go for dinner with them tonight. I'm so sorry lah... I dun think i can make it... Well, Chi Yng will pass Audrey a present. Audrey, all the best in Australia and have fun... Play really safe over there kay!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wednesday morning

Hey people, i'm so bored now... Nothing to do here rite now... I was trying to edit my blog template, almost screw things up. Luckily i have time..... so i can edit part by part again to make it back to what I wanted.... Well, i think it's better i just leave it first.... When i get my "cutest" picture, i'll upload it here again...

Slept before 11 yesterday... Left Dearie alone doing his work with his pc... Din even talk to him... Hahahhaa! Poor Dearie... Oh ya, he is going to have volleyball later at Mont Kiara, i better not go... shit... din bring camera today...

Woke up at 705 this morning.... left my house abt 730 then went to buy breakfast ~ Nasi Lemak again.... :( Miss the indian shop's sandwiches and the indian rice by the roadside and auntie's vegetarian rice.... Took highway down to town today... The weather was not that good, so better drive a bit faster.. no 80-90, or else if it starts rain will get stucked in the jam.

Reach office at 825, still see only Kerry.... The stupid boy said wanted to come earlier today not here yet... Heheheh... I beat him still! Wah... Boon Teng was on MC yesterday after my turn on monday... guess wat happened to her? She also has low blood pressure.... something like mine last monday... 80/60... Wah liao ei... very low you know...

Surf the whole morning.... read the news... this rapist... i think should put him in the jail for life.... You know, Malaysia is already "bad" for many things... Now lagi another case... RAPE TOURIST.... I also pai xei you know....

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Our dinner...

Went to OU yesterday for dinner dued to my cravings of eating meat...  Ate Kenny Rogers Roasters.... Hehehehe...  Also saw Vivien and her sis when we were heading towards ZARA....  Wanted to buy a white colour shirt but i'm not sure this kids size is a bit too small or wat... Or i was too lazy to try.... Hehehehe

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Nice or not?  Potatoes and potatoes... salad and salad.... Hehehehehe

Monday, June 27, 2005

2nd Malacca Trip.

Went to Malacca on 12th June... I was making noise that i din get to go anywhere during my one-week break before i start my internship... hehehe... so we decided to go to Malacca again and shop because it's near so we dun need much planning.

Woke up at 6.30am... and left at 7.10... Malacca, here we come!

On the way to Malacca.... Our second trip!

It's only 30 km away... maybe another 15 mins.

The road is clear, it could be less than 15 mins if i'm not mistaken...

Can you see this cute thingy that i circled up? What does it look like? Hahha... Let you guess wat is it for actually.

Finally... We are there! This is the Alor Gajah toll along the North South Highway. Do you actually notice something? The roof is different from the KL one! :)

Cute and nice! But what is that actually?

This is where i stay over last year!

In the city centre... Eiii no car one? Oh, it was still early.. only at 9.

Yeah, get to eat the chicken rice ball.... Woohoo..... so hungry. This is wat we ate for breakfast!

It's photo session after breakfast..... Say cheese =)

Me with the flowers I love flowers!

Yeah.... the same place again!

Yeah, Jonker Street walk now :)

I still dunno why i like this door... It's cute...

The Durian E.P.C that we missed last time.... Get to eat this time since it is still early!

It was a shopping trip before i start my internship... In mahkota parade...

This reminds me of MR LCG.... Looking at this thing will give children happiness... So lame... But it makes me feeling eating them .....

Jusco in malacca.... Will it be different?

This is tha Malacca flag...

On the way back.. The board shows... TERIMA KASIH SILA DATANG LAGI (Thank you please come again)

Din miss the correct turning...

Highway again...

Go JB next time, but not now lah....

KL is 128km away... Near!

nice scene

This is even nicer...

Traffic jam.... f*&^K

Reach KL abt 8 i think.....  

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What is Fast Food contributing to you?

"Fast food is a mainstay of the American diet. In fact, in any given day, 1 in 4 of us fills our stomachs at a fast-food chain. What does this mean to our health? America is the fattest nation in the world, with 61 percent of adults and children weighing in at overweight or obese, according to the National Center for Health Statistics."

I saw this on OH my goodness, 61% wei. Now, i have to think, when was the last time i ate fastfood?? I think is on the 4th of June when i went to One Utama, thinking of wat to eat, then i just ate McD becaz i'm too lazy to think. I think i have the picture where i'm eating sundae.

Choices of Fastfood:
1. McD
2. KFC
3. Pizza Hut
4. MerryBrown
5. A & W
6. Domino's
7. Shakey's Pizza
8. Burger King
9. Satay King

What else, i can't think of it right now. But how do you actually define fast food? Something that is already cook and you don't need waiting time? But wait a minute, I waited for minutes for my McDeluxe... Hahahah... Even sometimes you dun need to wait for your chicken rice, is that your fast food?
But i'm sure all the food that we eat is unhealty... Too much of preservatives.. Guys, better take some vitamins lah!

Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm not feeling well today...

It is a new week, again MOnday.... I'm so so so tired still. Maybe i din get enough of sleep. Maybe i cried too much, maybe i din eat enough of food... So many possiblities.

Well, all i want to say is today I was too lazy to get up from my bed caz i'm not feeling well, i have headache and feel like vomitting. I decided to wake up caz my car blocked Dearie's car, i need to remove it so that he can go for work. He was sitting next to me to wake me up, gave me morning kisses but in my mind, I was thinking can i go to work today? Okay, finally i decided to go remove my car first then only i decide whether to go for work not. Once i get out of the room, tot of going to wash my face & brush my teeth... I opened the gate next to the basin... I threw up... the amount is small, no worry. But after that, i threw up again.. Eiya... So disgusting rite? Well, let me think. What caused me from throwing up?

No. 1 - The "Asam-tomyam" veggie i just swallow without chewing?
No. 2 - The dim sum i ate?
No. 3 - I din eat for too long in a day?

Well, I'm afraid of Tom Yam since the KLCC trip... Sigh.. Oh ya, i just recalled that i actually ate Maggi Hot Cup in Tomyam flavours on saturday nite while i was watching Astro Talent Quest.

Sigh..... No more tom yam when dearie is not around. I'll suffer like hell just becaz of the craving and the laziness... When these two become one = vomit

I'm waiting time to pass. I dunno if i can stay up to 5.45pm later. But i'll try myself. I know i'm having this headache that can never be cured. Came out late this morning, so gotta take the PLUS highway. Jam all the way... onli one small part that is smooth.

Yawning every minute.. sien ah! I miss my bed!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another boring day

Hiyo, i was so tired last nite. Wanted to watch the fave drama but can't stay awake and go to bed before the show finish. I think it's the same for Dearie. Hahaha, he even slept earlier than me but he woke up earlier by 10 mins.

Few more minutes to lunch time, they are having a welcome lunch for 4 of us. There is a new girl today. Btw, i can hear the GM - LCH talking on the phone from my place. Can you imagine how loud she actually talk? She doesn't intercom ppl to tell them to go into her room. She just raises her voice a little bit, so everybody can hears she is calling anyone of us.

I have nice and friendly colleagues. They are busy doing their own stuffs. AM told them to aggregate some jobs to me, but they are too lazy to explain to me so they are doing on their own.

Ok, it's lunch time now... ciao!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sien ah sien ah...

People, i'm in the office now.. reading again. Now i'm reading on my accounting stuff. All the ratio analysis. Finally, i see something familiar. Time not so hard to pass... coffee also got taste. But my eyes are tired. Caz i din get enough of sleep for 2 days.

Came out today at 7.09. Went to market to get my breakfast... need to find marking, walk.. finally, got my breaky. Worried abt traffic jam caz i dun want to sit in the car for one and a half hour again. So sien... and frustrated. Today, wasn't that bad. One hour travelling.. ok.... if travelling everyday, i think i'll get really bored.

yah, AM said that my colleague will arrange something for me to do when she comes back from appointment. Happy.. but doubt about my ability.

Friday, June 10, 2005

My "long-lost" friend, Eng Siong... Haven't seen him since Oct 2003... Still wondering why is he always so busy??? Posted by Hello

It's the candle-blowing and cake-cutting session at 12.... Of caz with a Birthday Song.. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Nana's Bday Countdown

Went for Nana Teh's Bday countdown last nite. Din know it was a countdown.... Came back onli at 1pm but suprisingly nobody call me to ask me where was I...

It was a nice steamboat with so many old friends and Chee Lim being the free servant... Wahahahah! Nana, you can really cook, not bad not bad... Improved after back from Perth i think...

Oh ya, it's Kah Kit bday too today... Happy Birthday to Nana and Kah kit....
Enjoy! Keep it touch ya!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Missing Pizza very very much!

Image hosted by

I'm missing this pizza from CPK.... It really melts in ur mouth... The nicest pizze i ever tried! Though it has lots of onions but i still like this very very much!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Holiday in Naboo...

See my pic!

Worm No. 2 Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 04, 2005

I am back!!!

Finally exam over edi.... Yeah... i will have 10-day of holidays before i start my internship with RSM... Cool but sad. I'll be this super cheap labour in the labour market but high-pay among the VTs... Pai xei pai xei.

I dunno how bad i done for all my papers but as long as i finished it. Now i dun want to worry abt how many i get through and how many i need to resit for it. Well, after exam, went to Ikano for dinner @ Manhanttan.. Dearie rewarded me with a Flamming Platter for One... But i throw all the chips and 2 prawns to his Pacific Baked Dory.... Wahahaha.. i ate the garlic rice and the fish... So nice... Happy.... and very full... Then went to Padini Concept shop tot of looking for a pair of working shoes.... Yes, i found a pair and Dearie agreed that it's nice too.. but the size is too big for me. Told the sales assistant to check for me.... tomolo need to go to One U to get it!!! Nyek nyek nyek... Then went to Popular to buy Caren's bday present. Bought her this Chinese Dictionary. I remembered that i only have mine when i was in standard 5. My class teacher cum chinese teacher, Ms Low, wanted us to buy... so buy loh.... But when i went to Popular, i dunno which is the right dictionary. So have to bring 2 big and thick dictionaries to go look for the person-in-charged. Requested her to open me the dictionary to see wat's the diff... Not much, just the brand i think. So i decided to buy the one that she recommended.

Done! Bought her present... Kau Tim.

Then went back to The Curve where we park "jason".... Then went to G2000 to see whether there is any working skirt or pants... Size was too small, need to go One u to check tomolo also... But bought a long sleeves shirt... in orangy... Dearie agreed to buy too.... Hahahha...
Muak, dearie... A big kiss for ur good taste and patience!

Gtg now to sleep, so tired!!