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Friday, April 28, 2006

Shopping always makes me feel good!

Yaya... I remember I said that I am broke.
But certain thing I'm willing to dig my saving to spend on it...

Went to Isetan because it's a member pre-sale!!
I bought 5 tops...
I don't buy Guess.. I don't buy DKNY.
I go for cheap top because I need so much tops...
I'm not rich.. So in order to have plenty, I have to sacrifice the quality(maybe) for the quantity.

I bought 2 pcs of U2, 2 pcs of Nicole and 1 pc of Seed.
They were like so cheap!!!

He bought 2 pairs of pants.. Because he is putting on weight... (Hahahahahah, fei chai), 1 pc of polo shirt and 1 working shirt.
They were like so cheap.

Isn't that cheap??
Quick!! Go grab it.

Went to KFC for dinner after that...
He had:

OR Chicken Chop
It wasn't very very good..
I prefer the OR Fried Chicken.

I had:

Whipped Potato, Coleslaw, Coloslaw with Raisins, Snack Plate with OR Chicken.

Because of the spending, we got a free-2-hr-parking coupon.
But we only reached KLCC after 5... so the maximum rate for parking is 5 bucks.
So we don't have to pay a single cent for the parking.
Good good!

We pay nothing

On the way back, passed by Thai Club.
They have this banner outside the club..

Celebrate Labour Day @ Thai Club
Wow.. After a full-year of working days.... People only go to celebrate in Thai Club.
Do you really do this? Or you actually go there once a week.

Then I saw this also...
The govt is good..
They always let us know how much they did for us...
Good Good...

Petrol price!


You are the air that I breathe.
You are my guardian!

I don't kill you!!

I am missing you badly!
But you'll never know!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Day Out with My School Mates

Finally, we met up.
We are Chi Yng, Audrey, Bee Yam and of cause me, myself!
It was supposed to be last week but I was having rashes thus the lunch postponed.

Today we met in One Utama for lunch.
Again, we, the girls undecided for what to eat.
Finally, we settled down at Genki Sushi.

Assumed that we start eating at 12pm but we left only after 2pm.
We chatted for so long there and I think it's worthy to pay RM 0.50 for the free flow of green tea.

We updated each about our lives...
And of cause we crapped about the dreams and the jokes.
We all want to marry a prince!! (Not optician)
Be realistic but not materialistic!!

I'm still dreaming my prince charming!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dinner @ Asia Cafe (III)

Yesterday, sent Clement to Sunway Medical Centre to see his sister.
Dropped by Asia Cafe for dinner.
This time, we had different food.

Vietnamese Style Chicken Chop Rice @ RM 5.90
This is nice..
At first, I thought it is a piece of fried chicken...
But it's not.
It's taste like our satay..
Probably barbeque style..

Prawn Mee Hoon @ RM 3.50
This is okay also..
Not bad not bad!!

Monday, April 24, 2006


Went for chinese food yesterday.
They are having promotion..
RM 10/fish..


Fave Veggie

Chicken with salad

They looked okay..
Taste okay..
Price okay except for the chicken...
Not worth the money because I can only eat most of the flour rather than the chicken meat itself.

The shop is at Bkt Mayang Mas...
A corner shop...
I forgot the name!!..

My niece is admitted to hospital due to appendicitis.
I'm busy too because her mother is in the hospital with her and I have to pick my nephew from school and guide him for homework..
So much thing to do...
and I have to study!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Don't Cha!!!

Yesterday was so well organised.
I woke up at 10.30....
Then we were thinking of where to go...
Then I remember he might be joining his company bowling tournament soon.
Might only...
Not confirmed!!!
I was suggesting to go for bowling so he can practice more.
So... we went to One Utama for bowling!

I only played for 1 game because I don't want to waste his money.

Look man...
My record remained intact!!
Still 80..

After that...
I left him playing alone while I was coaching him..
Listen wei... I was COACHING him.
It's not that I can play well or what..
Just that I knew there is something wrong with his style of throwing
He can never stand properly.
Thus he lost his balance after throwing the ball..
That is so dangerous because it will actually injure ourselves.

Wah...Improving though only the difference of 5 pins

Then you see now...
We discussed more and this is what he got!

wow...This is unbelievable, 192!! 5 strikes with 3 in a row in the whole game.
192... That's a new personal record for him.He said that his previous best was 180, and that was made nearly 10 years ago.
Sap Sap Sui lah... with a coach like me!!

Don't cha wish your gf is a coach like me??

But damn..
He was too tired at the 4th game...
So result was a lil bit worse but it's still better than the first two games!

Oh....Going downhill!

I didn't eat breaky you know....
Only after the game is over then only we went for lunch.
Don't cha wish your gf is as understanding as me??
I'm just joking...
I'm a very evil gf actually...
I always make noise for food except yesterday!
I didn't know why...

We headed to Esquire Kitchen because I don't want to eat fastfood or any other thing because I don't want to hurt my throat.

We had:

Nasi Goreng Belacan
Okay lah...

Xiao Long Pao..
They are having 30% off for this..
I can't afford to eat 4 xiao long pao for RM 8 ++ all the time..
So I have to eat this.

As usual...
I did my window shopping because I am absolutely poor this month.
It's the end of the month and the month is too long for me before my next allowance.
Went to a few shops selling diamonds, enquiring about the prices like a rich tai-tai(hehehe)...
Guess what I am studying about diamonds now..
Bargain as much as you want.
A 14-thousand ringgit diamond ring with a less-than-1/2 carat diamond on it can turn to be 5K. (Without GIA Cert)
Cheap right?
I think it's okay.. But if I really want to buy, I'll bargain some more!

But I am in love with the 1/2 carat diamond with Lumiere brand worth about RM10,000.
She is offering me free setting of white gold.
Where to get a "waterfish" to buy me?
I'll get it one day.

On the way back, I saw this

To exercise my democratic right as a Malaysian citizen, I am registering as a voter.
Have you registered?
It is commendable that Election Commission (SPR) set up a booth at shopping malls to get people to sign up.
Can you believe it that there are about 3 million elegible voters who have yet to register?
And probably you are one of them!!!
Come on people, make your voices heard.

Guess what I'm a registered voter now!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Over the Rainbow

I saw this rainbow yesterday when I was in the car waiting for him.

I heart Rainbow

Where Rainbows End?

We don't get to see rainbow everyday...
But I saw rainbows twice with him.
I think it's twice or actually more?
I think I am quite lucky.

Have you heard the song "Over The Rainbow"...
I'm playing it now...
But I don't think the skies are blue when there is rainbow.

Everytime I see Rainbow, I am like a little girl ...
Telling people around there is rainbow...
I fell excited when I see it but the chances of seeing it is so low!

I have some thoughts today.
Our life is like a journey..
Long and filled with obstacles yet FUN.

I used to live one day at a time.
I don't know how long more I can live so I just do anything I want and I like.
I just don't want to get hurt over small matter so I just don't care what is happening.
I don't give a damn what others think of me because I would not know if you can still remember me when I die.

You can only have this kind of thought only if you are single or you are unattached to anybody...

I absolutely love freedom.
I like to do things without looking at others' faces!
I don't like people keep nagging me.
But what...
When you are with one.. You will get all that... especially you are married.

When you are married, you spend most of the time at home doing all the chores.
When you are married, you need to spare a day in a month or a day in a week for family day.
When you are married, you need blah blah blah....
So many things to do...!!

I always want to find out...
A marriage is between a couple or between 2 families??
What do you think?
I hope it is just between a couple.
Hopefully not that complicated.

Kat brainwashed me quite some time ago...
She was saying her bf's parents don't want any wedding dinner when her bf is getting married.
I was so curious especially her bf is the only son.
She said the parents don't like to have big event like that.
And she said.. It's pointless to have a big big big big wedding dinner and invite everybody to go to the dinner and the bride and the groom barely know them.
Good point, I see there!!

So if next time...
If I'm so lucky to have my wedding day, I'll have the wedding dinner separated into a few small dinners if I afford..
One for my school friends, one for my college friends, one for my colleagues, one for his school friends, one for his college friends, one for his uni friends, one for his colleagues, one for his friends etc etc...
Though there will be many dinners but I don't mind.
It is because in a small dinner, you get to talk to people nicely.
You get to tell people how you are lately etc etc.
Overall, it is warmer.

I used to attend all those wedding dinners in Hotels, Restaurants and halls..
But I hardly find people I know there.
So for the whole session, I spent my time eating and talking to the person that I know.
You get me?
I think private reception is a good idea!

Yeah.. Talking about this...
Actually, I want to be a wedding planner!
I'm not dreaming to be the C.E.O or President of all the big firms.
I'm just not that ambitious compared to certain people.
I just want to play a small role..
Helping people organise their important day in life.
I don't know when my dream is achieved but meanwhile I have to struggle over the notes and in the future, struggle over the work which may be something I don't really like.

Iris, marry a banker is quite cool...
But I don't want because I prefer quality time spent between husband and wife.
But of cause, that depends on you also!!
If you don't need quality time then it's ok!!
So you are really the woman behind a sucessful man!!!

Living happily is about pleasing people around you so you don't get annoyed?
It's about understand people around you so that you can get to know them better and react positively to them.
I'm trying to be positive now.

I was a very very stupid girl.
I don't give a damn as mentioned.
I don't do anything that I don't like to do.
But that was so stupid...
People, wherever you are, though it's not at your workplace, there is still politic.

I still remember Audrey said she wants to master the art of seduction.
Yeah... I want too...
But I need to master the art of politic first!
It makes life easy and easier.
I have to remind myself...
I am not pleasing people.
I am just doing something to make my life easy.
But... others don't hope to take advantage of me...
I'm not giving advantage to people easily.
And of cause I don't like to take advantage of others.
It makes me feel like I owe this or that person a life.
I just want an easy life.

I wish upon a star.
May I be wiser as time goes by.
May He has less stress from work and all.
May my friends relieved from difficulties and pain.
May people dislike me get to know me better in the future.
May all live happily and healthy.

Oh ya...
I would like to wish Khai Lim and His Mother a Happy Birthday again before the day ends.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bad Luck!!

I realise that when I wear my glasses...
The glasses will be a bit "senget".
I don't know why but I guess it is the problem with the nosepad.
So I was trying to twist it..
I accidentally broke it...

Shit man...
But nvm..
The frame is actually in very bad condition because there was one, I actually slept on it.
Plus it is a frameless one...

I broke that "idiotic" nosepad.

Just now, I went to get a new pair of frame instead of frame + glasses because I'm very poor.
The frame costs me RM 168.
I'm 168 bucks poorer now.
The lenses they are charging RM 450 for the index I want...
So bloody expensive.

I better marry an optician so I'll get free frame, free lenses, free sunglasses, free contact lens.


Oh no...
Please tell me why!

I have rashes since last night on my hands and legs!
Today, those on hands got better..
But when I woke up, I realise my eyes are swollen.

How come??

Damn itchy you know....

What causes rashes and how to cure it other than to see doctor?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Time constraint

Time constraint...
I have less than 3 hours to my trial paper.

I'm now still swallowing all the notes!

I'm going to do badly.
Real bad!!

Shit shit shit!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

No Reason is Not a GOOD excuse!

I can't sleep last night...
And I remembered something happened to me few months ago.

I said: Dear, I want to watch the movie, "XYZ" with you when you are back.
He said: Ok!! You check the time first and book the tickets. When I come back, I can watch with you.
I said: So there is one at 4.30, 5.50 and 7.30, which one do you want?
He said: Hmm... 5.50pm lah... I'll be back!
I said: Ok..

But I can't get to book the tickets.
It's fully booked!
I was thinking since it's holiday, so we can watch even mid night show lah...

But the next day, this happened to me.
I called him.
He didn't answer my call.
He texted me back with this.
"In the cinema."
Then I replied "What show are you watching?"
The reply from him is "XYZ" - the movie that I said I wanted to watch with him when he is back.

Oh!! What the fuck is this??
I told already I want to do something with you and you are doing "that" something with someone else.
Respect me a bit can ah?
I was so pissed.
If I didn't mention that I want to do something together with you, I don't mind you do it with someone else (first).
This is shitty and he didn't think he did anything wrong.
We ended up with a WAR!
We watched "XYZ" but I don't really feel nice because we didn't share the thoughts/comments anymore after the show.
The feeling is like I was watching and he was sleeping...
Something like that lah though he didn't sleep.

The only thing he told me is he found no reason to decline others' invitation to watch the movie and he found there was nothing wrong watching it first without me.
Ya.. I know it is hard to decline the invitation but you can watch some other shows lah.
Lagipun, you were sitting the first or 2nd or third row.
The prob is we promised to do it first!!!

But now we reached an agreement...
Whenever I said I want to do something together with him, he has to keep the priority for me.

The above is what happened to me.
And suddenly something came into my mind last night because of the good reason of being no reason to reject.

The conversation below is based on the imagination of Miss LPS.
If you are below 18, I advice you not to proceed further.

The husband has been posted to some other work place for a day or two or for a week or more.
So this is the conversation between the husband and wife.

Wife: Hubby, I miss you so much.
Husband: Oh, Lou poh! I miss you too. It's killing for not seeing you even for one second.
Wife: (So happy) Oh really? Then ah... when you come back, we must have great time
spent together.
Husband: Sure no prob!
Wife: We must have good SEX ok?
Husband: Yayaya.. No prob... I would love to!

Then the next day.

Wife: Hubby, where are you now?
Husband: On the bed.
Wife: My hubby is such a good boy... Sleeping so early?
Husband: No. I'm not sleeping.
Wife: So, what are you doing huh?
Husband: I'm having sex.
Wife: WTF? Why are you having sex with other?
Husband: It's because I find no reason to decline her invitation or else she'll feel very unhappy and I find no reason that I can't do it first without you because I have nothing better to do.

You get me?
Men like to use "NO REASON" not to do something as excuse!!

I hope my future another-half will not do this to me...
Or else I'll put his "important part" into the mixer.

Btw, I think the present another half will not betray me this way.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Local Favourites!

Hey people, you must be thinking that I'm so obsessed with food.
Ya.. partly true!
But these are part of my daily meals as home-cooked meals for me are virtually non-existent.
So, smart people out there, please invite me over for lunch/dinner or anything home-based. Seriously! I am not kidding you.


Let me introduce to you the local favourites, none other than our good ol' Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rendang and Asam Laksa.

Mark's Asam Laksa at One Utama.
Tucked in a cosy corner next to Johnny's and San Francisco's Coffee on Ground Floor.
I think all eateries blogged here owed me some commission. The rise in their business profits is attributed to me, hahahaha.

Does this Asam Laksa look good to you??
RM 6.50 + 5% govt tax <--- Do you know how much I dislike abt paying this 5%?
I always ask why..... when I haven't even started earning money and why should I start to pay taxes???

Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rendang
RM 6.90 + 5% govt tax

They are good at reasonable prices!

Oh well..
They serve some other food like Nasi Kunyit, Nasi Briyani, Fish Ball Kuey Teow etc.

They used to price their plain Nasi Lemak at a lower price(i.e.Rm4.00) but because the consumers are too smart....
If they order an additional side dish, ie a piece of chicken at the price of RM 2.50, together with plain nasi lemak, the total will come to only RM6.50 (RM4.00 + RM2.50) instead of paying
RM 6.90 for one special set of Nasi lemak with chicken.
So now they've increased the price of the Plain Nasi Lemak to RM4.50.
Now, the people eating plain Nasi Lemak has to pay a higher price i.e. RM7.00 (RM4.50 + RM2.50) !
Simple mathematical logic.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Dinner @ Asia Cafe (II)

I was supposed to have Carbonara..
But the stall there doesn't look good though it's cheap...
So I didn't order.
Instead of that, I've ordered this:

Pineapple Fried Rice @ RM 4.50
This is bad...
I don't like.
It's like one of the loudsiest fried rice.

Crispy Chicken Chop @ RM 7.90
This is also not very good.
The skin is made of bread crumb and flour..
I don't like and it's never crispy.

The roast spring chicken is much nicer!

Char Kuey Teow there is quite good..
Worth trying!

The food looks good

This is a disappointing food trip...
I shall try others next time!!

Ramen Ramen Ramen

Was in Sunway Pyramid on Wednesday.
Not for shopping...
Just for a meet up.

Dinner @ Ichiban Ramen, next to Fantasy, the cd-shop.

Char Siew Ramen @ RM 13.90++

Spicy Ramen @ RM 12.90++

I love the Spicy Ramen though it tastes like those Curry Noodles you can get in food stall...
It's because I don't really like Miso Soup ramen or anything like that.
If I were to dine in at Oh! Sushi again, I'll definitely order the ramen in spicy soup...
Yeah, I don't like paying tax..
Therefore, I should start attacking the hawker centre before they start charging govt tax and service tax.

Now I'm craving for white sauce pasta.
I know it's fattening but I haven't eaten them for so long.
I'll show you the pic if I get to eat that!
Friends, no worry, I'm watching my own weight.

I'll tell you something.
The Dutch Lady 0% Fat Yogurt Drink is very nice.
They have 4 flavours: Lemon Lime, Peach Passion, Strawberry Raspberry and Orange Mango.
I love the one in Peach Passion.
Worth trying.

Come come come...
I show you something..
It's my so-called "artistic" work.
Sorry ah.. The pic is a bit too big!

Me, the Koala Bear on the branch of the tree!
I love the colour of the pic!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Finished Another Book...

Oh people...
Damn it..
I am supposed to read right...
Yes, I read!!
But I wasn't reading for my exam!
I was reading the story book...

Me, myself can't imagine that I'm addicted to reading.
I was never the one who read...
But now.. I am reading...
Oh my goodness...
I broke my own record from not reading to one and now TWO..
And of cause, I'm above the national reading average...
I know, many of you read more than I do..
But, if you know me well...
I think you can feel my excitement.

PS, I Love You is super-duper-interesting-funny-touching-wonderful book.
It's about this girl, Holly Kennedy..
Her hubby passed away and she found it so hard to get back to her life.
But anyway.. Her hubby left her messages to guide her along...
Very very touching messages..
Again tears welled in my eyes when I was reading the 10th message...

Please go read if you have the time.
It's a very very very very very very nice book!

PS, I will always love you!!!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What the Fuck is Location?

You know...
I was actually in a good mood though I am so tired right at this time.

But I want to know something..
Please tell me!!
Why are there people tell their location as in "another" country rather than MALAYSIA while they are bloody living-eating-shitting-sleeping-farting-shopping here?
How do you define "Location"?

The first thing that came to my mind is...
They are ashamed of being Malayisan in Malaysia.
(Note: I'm not trying to create an issue of being Malaysian)
I just don't really understand why.

If I am away from home(Malaysia) to S'pore for a short trip, should I change my location in my Friendster Profile to let the whole world knows that.. My location is currently at S'pore???
No... I will not..
Pathetic man if I do this.
Lagi-lagi, when they are back in M'sia, they still pretend that they are not...
Too much!!
Posers sekalian!


Maybe they are not ashamed of being Malaysians..
They are just damn fucking proud of being in another country and they must tell the whole world that they went for a trip.

But if you are really away to study/work, then I think changing ur profile details, is a good indication to let others know you are not around.

But whatever it is...
I'm trying not to be patheric..

About this blog, I just want to share my life with my friends that have constraints talking/seeing/chatting/anything with me..

Sekian, terima kasih.

Monday, April 10, 2006

King Clams

King Clams in Garlic
Big hoh???
Though they are expensive but I don't like.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Happy & Wonderful Moment!

Location: Mutiara Damansara

He needs to get his banking transaction done @ Ikano Power Centre..
I am still having a sore-throat thus I can't have heaty food.
I dragged him to Sakae Sushi.
I told him "Bill is on me... No worry... I want to wallup all the sushi"

Sakae Gree Tea

I didn't take pictures of the food because we were too hungry having lunch @ 3pm.
The food there is good..
I like the Teriyaki Chicken Don.
It's better than the one in Nippon Tei @ Suria KLCC with higher price.

When we were done, it was raining cats and dogs out there.
We were trapped, as you know there was no roof to crossover to the shops.
Now I think having open-aired street in the middle of the shopping mall is a bad idea.
And the cleaners wre sweeping the water at the corridor.

Anywhere we went to MPH even it was raining.
We walked to 1st floor and from the Bar/pub, there is a little roof, so we ran towards the shops at the walk.
We did some reading there before I finally decided to buy the books.


With some careful calculations, I bought 2 books for myself and one for him as promised.
The amount exceed RM 100...
So I will be given a free mug...
I wanted the mug so much.
I din want to buy the shopaholic series and with the price of the 3 books, I will not be given a free mug.
So he "sacrificed" himself by eating bread for the following weeks...
Bought a book for himself so that I can get the mug.

I'm just kidding...
He is gonna kill me if he reads this...
I shouldn't made him sound so stingy/kiam siap.

They are giving free bookmarks...

The mug that I wanted with PS, I love you printed on it.

I was supposed to wake up early today....
But I only slept at 3am so I really can't drag myself out of the bed at 8.
But still we managed to go to BUBS at BU11.

People there are good..
Not those lansi rich people you see everywhere.
I'll let you know more on this later on...
I'm still exploring.

Location: SS2
Went for lunch there because I was craving for hawker food.

Familiar right??
Ya.. It's kopi. Only RM 1.20 nett.
If you asked me if it does have any differences from those kopi in the modern kopitiam(s), I'll tell you.... Ya.. a lil bit.. Maybe the coffee powder used and of cause the price. But still huh... They are named KOPI.

Chee Cheong Fun

Sabah Mee @ RM 4.
I haven't had this for ages....
Quite good but I got jelak after eating 60% of that.

Went to One Utama after that because I'll be having dinner with my family at 6pm.
So we went to some where near and do some sight-seeing.
I saw this:

Why the hell am I smiling happily when I saw her?

Had Coffee Bean because The Malaysian Women's Weekly gave out coupon for coffee..
Don't ya wish it's ice blended??
No... never.
It's a Brewed Coffee.

Coffee for survival!
I was so sleepy..

Went to this place at Bandar Menjalara.
Wisma Fiamma.
The restaurant named North Ocean Seafood.

Place for dinner

Posing before the seafood got killed.

My first family photo for the year.
My dad, 2 sisters and niece with me.

Fresh Tiger Prawn

I didn't take many pictures of the food because they were too hungry..
I only took one.
I'll upload maybe tomorrow because I forgot.

The bill came to be 4-figure..
Oh shit...
But it was on my sis' bf.
Thanks a lot!

Comment on the food...
I don't think they were very good like I will want to return for another time.
But they were good lah...
We had
1. sweet and sour pork (There were 4 kids.. So they need something for themselves)
This dish is good.. In fact, I love it.
2. Steamed Prawn
It is just a plain dish of tiger prawns..
For us to taste the freshness of the prawns.
Okay.. Good.
3. Fresh Oysters
This is wonderful.. I like their special sauce.
4. Fish (Soon Hock)
Very fresh.. But the sauce was a bit salty.
5. Some King Clams in Garlic sauce.
I don't really like this..
Hard for me to digest them..
6. Crabs... One big crab!!
Steamed with egg white.
Good.. This is good.
7. Veggie
Normal only lah.. I can cook better!
8. Dessert
We had different types of desserts.
The Read bean soup there is good...
9. Fruits
Bad... Sour and not sweet.

4 figures for a meal...
My first time if I'm not mistaken...
But I had good time with my family
I hope we can have more of this dinner.
Not necessary that we need to go for expensive food..
But the importance of attendance of the family members.

Ok.. Btw..
I want to show you something.
I bought my first feaking lottery.
Passed by the shop @ SS2..
And I was just thinking to try out for fun.

I got only one number out of the 7 numbers drawn today.
Wasted my 1 ringgit.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Yesterday, I was in such a bad-tired-sleepy-frustrated conditon.
Not for any particular reason.
I'll just blame it on the PMS Witch!!!!
I don't always use this as excuse but for this time only.

Went for the very last MA lecture.
As usual, did past year questions...
When class is almost over, we found out the answer was not right..
So this very "KIND" MA lecturer gave us house his phone number.
Told us to call when we have prob.
I was wondering...
Usually I'll do my work late at nights when everybody else sleeps and I can hear even the cat jump over the wall and meow-ing for its other half food!
Should I call him when I face problem doing the question???
Should I???
Not that I'm worried that he was awakened by me... but I'm worried that he will get me more confused.
þ Bleh!!

Went to One-U...
Had bowling session...
I tell you honestly in case you don't know.
I just can't bowl!
I have the most cacated hand for bowling.
My body and hands are simply not in sync.
One facing the pins but the other facing the food court.
I smelled some mouthwatering coffee aroma.
(I mentioned I'm dying for food now)
My blardy hand just act differently... Not the way I wanted!

Me ~ The no-skill-bowler in action

Happy bowling but I sprained my lower back.. not the bone but the muscles!
So f%&king painful.
I have problem in walking now.
How can this happened to me??
Other than I have no skill...
I have no style too.
and and and...
I don't bowl..
I just threw or let the ball bouced on the floor...

Bowling... bowling!!

The score for the 1st game:

Gosh... I'm getting 80 for the first time!!
And I have a strike man...
What a luck!!!
The fella was not very far ahead from me...

I don't have the pic for 2nd game.
They turned off the pc too fast when I was removing the shoes.
But I honestly admit that I got a lower score than the first one...
It was a wonderful game!

Headed for dinner immediately after the game was over.
The stomach was making noise and knocking the wall.
Hinting me that it needs something to keep rolling on and function well.

Had dinner @ MyNews Cafe.
It is located at 1st floor of the Promenade.
Near the Hush Puppies apparel outlet or Blay.
The food was not bad.
Check it out!!

Set of the day.
Prawn, Fish served with rice.
I like the fish better than the prawn.

With a tomyam veggie soup.
The taste was quite strong.
Not those diluted-tasteless free soup you get.

It comes with a free drink.
We made it a Iced Lemon Tea.

Fried Spicy Udon
Not bad lah....
It's cheap...
Only RM 7.90...
plus the service tax.

Oh ya ya...
They don't charge prevailing govt tax.
And you can read there for free.
By paying the price of one, you get 2 benefits.
Good? Happy???
Note: I neither have any connection with them nor I get paid for blogging about this.
I told you, I just love FOOD..
I'm drooling for FOOD.

I was watching the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards.
I wasn't catching the whole event because I wasn't home.
But I knew Jay Chou got it again for the Best New Performer after the Taiwan Golden Horse Award.
Not that I don't like him or what but he just looked so ...
I wonder who told him he'll look good in having moustache.
It's just not to my liking.

But anyway, I was waiting for the Best Actress award.
Because I never want or never think Sammi Cheng will win.
I wanted Zhou Xun to win and she got it!!
Good good...

I think the movie Election worth watching since they bagged so many key awards...
If the story was not worth watching, you'll still have Simon Yam or Tony Leung Ka Fai or Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Louise Koo to keep your eyes on...
I prefer the first and third.
But i haven't.
Watching it tomorrow, perhaps.
And yucks, I don't like the show Everlasting Regret..
Can't speak in mandarin properly but speaking in mandarin.
I think if Zhou Xun or any actress from Mainland China or Taiwan would have done better with their pronunciation.
I watched for 10 mins and switched to another show just because her diction irritaites me the most.

Though Perhaps Love did not win the key awards but still they got what they deserved.
The songs are very very good... esp with Jacky Cheung's voice on it.

I heart them!

I heart love story eventhough the ending was not a happy one.

Congrats to everybody!!