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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Be Right Back

I am leaving tomorrow.
Will be back on 1st Jan.. I think...

Happy New Year
to friends and family and people that actually read this blog...

Have a better year!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Boxing Day

Hie people.
Today is the replacement day for Christmas Day.
We can celebrate Boxing Day!
Lets go Shopping....

He he he..... :)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas to All

Hey people!!
I am not Christian.
But I enjoy this festival very much.
I feel so warm because everywhere is playing christmas songs.

I should try celebrating christmas at the temple..
I am sure it will be fun too.

I also have my little christmas tree at home!!!
Of cause, that is not so nice...
Nvm, I will make a nicer one next year provided I am still alive..

Suria KLCC...


Not to miss this while they were playing Canon In D minor!!


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Yeah... Hooray!!!

Exam is over for the time being...
More to come....

We are supposed to watch King Kong...
But I am not sure if we can make it tomorrow because he is sick!!
So sad...
Not because I don't get to watch... Is he wanted to watch that show so much....
Maybe another day!

Did something stupid today...
We went for tea at the shop named Golden Bread @ SS2.
Actually I went last friday to the one in Sri Petaling with Brit...
I don't get to try all stuffs there...
So I requested to go again since I have RM 2 voucher....
Hahaha.. only RM 2...

We were eating Ham Chin Pang....
And I think it was too drying..
So we told the "Supervisor" what to be done to make it more tasty.
We really told him like WE ARE THE BOSSES....

Then we went to One U...
I need to get him a tie for dinner.... and also as X'mas present...
I love the one in Raoul but he said that is too expensive for my standard.
We then returned to Valentino Rudy to see..
I don't like the tie that I actually thought was quite nice anymore....

Need to look around again!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Deadline tomorrow!!

I know I have to get over the sad matter...
Because I have found out that My Beloved Daddy will not give a damn what happened to me.
I'll be alrite!

Daddy, this is what you want!!

Tomorrow is my MA paper for sem exam..
I admitted I did not do my revision for the past few days...
I was not in the mood to study dued all the family crap.

I saw people happily buying presents for family.
And me??
Yeah, I don't have to buy anymore even for the kids..
They do not respect me as an Aunt so I don't have to treat them like my own kids too.
I just see them as normal human beings.
Yes, I gave up.
I gave up loving them.

I would rather donate to any other people that really need the love from me!
Thank you!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I hate THEM so much

You can say I am the only one.
But if you were to be in my situation...
A situation where your family members do not love you...
A situation where your family members do not give a shit of what happen to you...

I hate my second brother.
I absolutely hate him and his family.

He has no brain.
That does not matter.
The matter is he has never care about others' feeling.
He can just ignore everybody at home becaz his wife loves that.... his children like that.

I do not have such a brother.
He tried to stop me from studying.
He tried to cut my allowance.
He made me help them to buy things.

For me...
I am getting RM 550 a month from my dad's account which is distributed by my brother.
My car petrol is paid my dad.
My phoneline is a supplementary line from my dad's account.

My food is paid by myself from my monthly allowance.
My everything except hair shampoo are by myself too...
I do not have to pay for my hair shampoo because I am sharing it with my dad!
I have to pay toll, pay parking etc etc etc!

The rest of the thing is by MYSELF...
From my allowance.

My brother is trying to make me live myself with onli RM 300 a month.
Sometimes my sis-in-law does not cook.
Sometimes she cooks... but look at what she cooks and how much she cooks, you will be suprised too!
I eat at home only once in a while.
Sometimes during the weekends I do not eat at home.

Must I eat bread everyday to make myself a little bit richer?
Must I eat onli white rice everyday to make myself a little bit happier?

Tell me.
If you have a brother like this, what more do you hope from them?

All the monies that I am having is from my dad.
Not him...
Why does he want to control me?
Does he scare of if I use up all my dad's money?
Does he scare of if I fight with him for my dad's property?

If yes....
Then that is good.
I am doing that since he wants to have it as he owns that.

I told him that his kids scratched my car with their bicycles when they were riding near my car.
3 weeks ago twice...
and today again!!
I have warned them!
And do they give me a damn?

What the fuck is this?
The parents must have taught them do not need to care about anybody else in the house?
Talk about house...
They have a condo....
My dad is paying the installment for them every months...
Why don't they move there?
Can't afford to pay for the maintenance?
Can't afford to pay for the utilities bill?

They are using the same resources as me.
Why can't they be a little bit more loving?
I got really mad about that.

Everytime they make me angry, I cry.
I do not want to cry over this kind of matter anymore.

If you think that I am bad.
Yes, I am bad.
Think of what make me this way.

I cannot take this kind of situation anymore.
If one day I am gone, I would not want to return anymore.
The only thing I am worried about is my dad.
I am worried if one day we, the daughters, are not home anymore, will they actually torture or abuse him?
The kids are being extremely rude to him now even though he loves all the grand children.

My sis-in-law is even smarter.
She does not need to take care of the children.
We have maid at home.
Not only that, the kids are sent to nursery and they only come back in the evening or sometimes at night.
What kind of good life is she having??
My family is not extremely rich...
But she is living exactly like those Puan Sri...

For a bloody computer game, she is willing to pay RM 10.
The other side, they are making me live on RM 300 a month.
Yes, very good...
Some uneducated people with no brain!
I respect.

I am evil.
I am bad.

I will want to live longer and see who suffers in the end.
I will close my eyes now whenever I see the kids cry or got caned.
I will want to live better because I deserve something better than this especially I deserve some better brothers.

Monday, December 12, 2005

My Weekend

Last weekend, I went to One U twice in a roll, Saturday & Sunday!!
Tried Dragon-i, price is reasonable.... But the tissue they are charging RM 1.00++
Hello... Should give free right since they are charging so much of tax?
Food there not bad....

Xiao Long Bao

Minced Meat Ramen
I can guarantee the meat given is definitely more than those in spaghetti bolognese...

We left early on Saturday becaz he had a wedding dinner to attend.

On saturday nite, we fought teruk-teruk.
I almost given up.
Being cheated for many many times.... and get blamed for all that!
Hey, I deserve all the lies from you?
I deserve that you treat someone else better than me?
I deserve that I am not the priority in your life???
Okay okay.... It's your choice!
I believe in KARMA!

We still went out as usual but very very late...
We had lunch+dinner at a cafe near my house before going to One Utama.

Genting Worldcard promotion....
So we went for Coffee Bean!

Ice Blended!!!!

Proudly present to you my super ugly look...
After crying so much, I deserve the look!
And I dun mind......

I looked super "chan"....

It's not that I write all these to complain about HIM.
I write a bit of that is becaz I do not want people think that I am a stress-free girl.
My previous posts all look so happy....
I still have my relationship prob...
I still have my family prob...
I still have not enough money to spend...
I still have many things to worry about and EXAM is the thing making my life miserable!
I am always sick nowadays!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Wahahahaha.... Another Big Bomb!

My sis had a job at LIMA..
So she had to go there.
And I demanded her to help me buy this at the airport:

Christian Dior : DIOR Logo Palette For Eyes as shown.

The Back of the Box....

The cover of the Eye Shadow palette

The wonderful colours...

It is my first CD product....
It is different from the one available in local deparmental stores...
At first I don't like this very much..
But now I really love this because it is so special!!!

Though I can't own a DIOR bag with the logo..... but I can have the same logo on my palette.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

1st "Reunion" with Tob

Date: 7th December 2005
Time: 2pm
Venue: Seed Cafe in Padini Concept Shop @ One U

Tob was back in KL on Saturday nite when all of us were in Sze Mun's house...
She gave me a suprise call on Sunday.
And after all my arrangement, I told her that I shall meet her on Wednesday after my club meeting at One U.
Yes, she made it.... and few others too...

Khai Lim and Hwee Ling

Iris, KL, HW and Wai Ling...

It's my turn to be in the picture while Iris was the Photographer.

We chatted for about 2 hours i think...
Talked about every single thing...
Though we did not see each other for so long, though sometimes she doesn't know what are we doing, but still we have lots of jokes to shares.. And we make "instant" jokes!!!

Tob Hwee Ling, I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!!!
I know you are going back in January.
But please please please give me at least another 3/4 times to meet you!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Frist Christmas Tree

On Saturday too, went to Petaling Street to get christmas tree from Kin Foong's mom's shop..
The tree is qute cheap but when you choose all the ornaments and it summed up to be a "not-cheap-price" even after discount.
Dearie brought me there becaz he promised to buy me the tree.
This is the first time Champagne had the mission of going to Petaling Street...
And she started to get annoyed with all the traffic jam...

Look at the pic below.

Look at the orange colour icon....

We don't know what was wrong with her, but I know the car will still move.
and... the owner's manual written that if the light is on, please send it back to service centre.
So we sent her back on Monday.

After Petaling Street, and it was not the time yet to go to Sze Mun's Party.
Went to The Curve for a walk.

X'mas Deco in The Curve

We had drinks @ Coffee Bean.
I haven't visited Coffee Bean for some time.
And guess what...
I found this.
I am not sure whether this peppermint thing is out for long or wat...
But my first time drinking this was back in 1999 in Singapore around Christmas time too...
I like this drink...
I won't get jelak even drinking the whole cup..
The after-taste of peppermint is very refreshing.

I love this Peppermint Ice Blended Mocha... So yummy!

My tired-look after walking for 2 hours in Petaling Street!

When I came home after the party, I spent about 2 hours opening the leafs of the tree...
Decorating the tree with the LED lights and ornaments bought.

The Christmas Tree I bought.... (Before)

Ingredients A

Ingredients B

The Christmas tree in Night Mode (After)

It was very nice...
But what happened is...
The LED light does not work anymore...
Sad case sad case!
I dunno if I should bring the light back for exchange or what.
I think the cheap light has no warranty.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

On Sze Mun's bday + Gathering

It was Sze Mun's Bday yesterday.
She invited us to her house to celebrate with her .
She just came back from Perth last month...
And immediately after she got back, she called us up to celebrate Bee Yam's bday.

Wai Ling and I
She is now working in KPMG and finishing her ACCA very very soon...

Khai Lim, Audrey and Bee Yam

Audrey just came back from Melbourne 2 days before Sze Mun's bday....
Everybody was there.
Wye Chuan, Wei Chuan, Boon Chuan were all back from Australia except Fang Shyuan!!!

Mun Chiew, Boon Chuan, Steven, Jit Jhun & Wei Ken!

I din see MC, BC & JJ for quite some time edi...
Miss their jokes...
Miss MC a lot when I saw him...
*Hmm... I think his gf named Daphne... Pls dun get angry, I was just joking*

Mervin & Khai Lim
You can see them together, anytime, anywhere!

My part-time bf, Eng Siong and I....
He has a by-hour-rate!

They rang Eng Siong after 8pm...
And he really so kind to turned up!!
Sze Mun, Eng Siong gave you so much face leh!

Eng Siong and Wai Ling

I am supposed to go with Baby Boy...
By dued to some personal reasons, he can't make it.
I swear we are fine...
Left the party before 1030 i think...
And it was really good to meet up with school friends.

Since everybody is around..
I am thinking to visit our school on 3rd January when school starts...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dinner @ Taiping

Do you still remember I said that I went to Taiping for dinner on the 19th of Nov??
Nvm nvm...
I delayed my post for so long!!
Now I want to show them..
Not much of my face becaz I was busy eating.

It was Vicky (Poh Lain)'s dinner there at her hometown...
Food that not bad!
Oppss.. I just realise I don't have any pic of the food..

On that day, we left KL late...
Becaz of me lah...
Went to do hair and the hairdresser busy eating...
Thus, I said to myself.... I will not go back to the shop anymore!
After my hair is done, rushed home to change...
I did my makeup in the car... Wahahahahah!!
And I dunno how to do makeup.

It was raining heavily that day...
So he had to drive slowly...
When we were on the highway, almost there to get out of South Ipoh exit...
Champagne's tyre on the right rear got punctured.
Luckily Lawrence was there...
Or else we had to call AAM or Champagne's insurance company!!!

That was my first time went further than Ipoh with car...
Reached there about 8pm...
People started dee....
And we sat in and start eating.....
My hand was shaking when I hold chopsticks...
Reason 1: I was too hungry. I din have proper lunch. I only had doughnut in the car.
Reason 2: It was too cold after raining for one whole day and I sat too long in the car facing the air-cond.

The main characters....

Group photo

I was there!!!

Me in the car.... This is without lipgloss yet!!

This is with the lipgloss... but can't see the shimmering eye shadow dee!!

On the way to Taiping.
Rain rain rain....

Rain stopped...
and it is very nice now to look at the mountain...

I drove back from Taiping to KL....
Some where near Tapah, there was a road block...
I got stopped by the police too..
I was thinking: shit lah.. dun care lah.. I dun have money with me, you want to give me a summon, give lah... Appeal later.
But he asked for my driving license.
After he looked at that, he let me go...
I was really speeding... about 120-130!
But I'm not sure whether I got caught not!

Thank you thank you for not giving me a ticket!