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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

One Utama old wing

One Utama new wing


The above is pics caught in the shopping mall.
I went to Sg Wang, Times Square, Lot 10, The Curve and Ikano Power Centre too...
Just that I lazy to take photo..

It is his year... But he is not home!!
This lonely boy is now in the pet-shop.
My sis is too lazy to take care of him.
So need to send him to hotel...

I want to wish all my friends a happy chinese new year.

Wishing you guys a properous & healthy & happy & productive year ahead.

Hope my dad will get more profit... Wahahahah!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Kluang Station vs Uncle Lim's

Went to One Utama to watch King Kong on Monday (16 Jan).
After that, we were hungry then we were looking for food.
Passed by Kluang Station and there was no crowd, so we decided to try since the shop always full with customers and there was not much that time.

I ordered:

It was a bit too sweet for me...

Asam Fish Curry
I was expecting something that taste nicer...
The look was good...
The serving was cold but luckily it does not taste like frozen food...
So I do not find it nice.

He ordered:

This one not bad...
But if uncle aunty want to drink, better tell them not to out too much of condensed milk.

Nasi Lemak with Chicken
It is supposed to come with Fried Chicken.
But we sub it to Ayam Merah.
Still ... the rice and everything on the plate is not HOT.

Kaya Toast
This is hot...

Look closer!!!
Wow.. the planta... It looks like the one that I had in S'pore.
They filled a lot of kaya... and the Kaya also very sweet.
I think this is the nicest in the shop....

Did shopping at Bukit Bintang on Sunday (22 Jan)
I was hungry around 3pm.
So ngam, we passed by Uncle Lim's...
So we decided to try it out since we want to try all the available Kaya Toast in KL after we came back from S'pore.

Nasi Lemak
This is very nice.
They have chicken and sotong...
RM 7.90
I thought they are charging the govt tax 5% but when I looked at the receipt, they did not charge that. I assume that they absorbed the tax.
Good good... Do not need to pay service tax as well.

Kaya Toast
The kaya filling is lesser compared to the Kluang Station's.
But still... this is not bad!

This is not that sweet!

1/2 Boiled Eggs
Yeah... he said this is not bad...
But I do not really like 1/2 boiled eggs...

Overall, I prefer Uncle Lim's over Kluang Station because
1. Tax free
2. Food served is still hot. Thus it makes me think that it is fresh!

I have to elaborate further about the tax free point.
The tax that I am referring to is the Government Tax 5%.
Usually no matter where you go, you still have to pay.

Uncle Lim's is a self-service oriented cafe/restaurant.
Of cause they are not charging service tax.
But look at it this way, I just go to order myself and bring the drink to the table and I do not have to pay extra 10%. Then the waitress and waiters will deliver the food to your table.
At other places where they "serve" you by taking your order and deliver food to you, they charge you an extra 10%.

If it a proper dine-in place I do not mind to pay for the tax.
But at a kopitiam....
10% extra is a bit too much!!

I still prefer if the merchants are willing to absorb all tax into their selling price.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Generous Bunch of Us...

Yeah yeah yeah...
It is over!!
Our club organised a CNY cookies sale to raise funds for 2 orphanages in PJ...
80% of the net profit will go to them.
We shall be visiting them and sending them the money during the 2nd week of CNY..
We have 2 jars of cookies left...
We will be bringing the cookies to them too.

The postmen: William and Ruben
They delivered cookies to door step.

The generous students from HELP...

We can drive people to the wall and we can also make them help the orphants...

The famous all-time-enemy

May Yee, Chiao May and Raina with Sim Ling holding the poster...

June, Wai Shien and meself with Sim Ling again...

Everybody in the afternoon shift... except for Ruben.
The guy on the right is Wen Bin.

We had fun selling though we begged people so hard to buy only ONE piece of cookie...
We are not fooling people...
We are doing soem charity work.
We know that not everybody can go to the orphanages to help all the time.
Thus we help you to deliver your hearts and wishes and of cause care to them.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am back

I am back after the breakdown.

But I am not fully recovered yet....
I am still being left alone for most of the time.
Fights are still going on here and there...

I don't know why...
I think maybe no cooperation was given...

Monday, January 09, 2006

I Twisted my Ankle again!

With the same pair of heels...
On the right ankle again...

But location different....
With the different people...

I twisted my weak ankle.

I am not sure if I din walk properly or not.
But the road was not flat...
I was walking towards KPD to get bus.
Almost there reaching Brit and Chin Mun, I almost fall down...
But luckily I managed to stand still...
Or else, everybody will be looking at me sitting down on the road.

But this time, I do not think that I will go to see doctor...
Nobody is around...
Nobody to hold me when I have a bandage....

But yes..
I am standing still...
Just to be careful of my ankle...
My weak ankle need to be taken care of.

Hehehe :) I smile to myself!

I am better as at this time!

Oh ya..
I remember the history of the heels..
Went to bought with somebody.
I was shorter than somebody even I am wearing the heels... Hahahaha!
That black heels from NOSE....
I like heels from there...
Better quality.. Can last longer!


He wants to calm down.
I really have no idea what is the problem in this relationship.

I do not know how long more I can go on with this kind of life.

I am seriously breaking down.

My mentally does not work well enough anymore.

I cannot think about anything else.

I cannot study...
I cannot eat...
I cannot drink...
I cannot have my normal life anymore!

I am sorry.

You want to have a breathing space because you want it.

I have no control.

Sunday, January 08, 2006



What has happened?
It has been 3 days since my last saw you.
You promised to come but you have broken them.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yum Cha Nite

Hmm... Went to Murni @ SS2 just now with Tob..
She is leaving tomorrow. Going back to Melb!!
So fast hoh...
Ask her if you want to know why.

We had Cheese Naan, Nasi Lemak, Laici Special and Teh-O-Ais...

It has been so long since my last visit there.
I ordered wrongly.
I was saying Laici Ais...
So when the lady sent.. I told her..
"Eh, bukan itu ais punya ah??"

Then she said: "Itu Laici Special..."

I was thinking "Oh shit... I want that one"

So I told her: "Boleh tukar ah?"

Luckily she is very kind..
She changed us a Laici Special...

Hahah.. for the kindness.. I must blog about that...

But the purpose to write whatever I want is to remind myself what actually happened to me.
If one day I can't remember all these anymore... I can still come back to read.
I try to blog about the happy stuffs because I do not want to remind myself about the sad thing.

It is not that I am trying to cheat myself or what..
Just that I choose to live happily.

For example,
I love to stick with my bf but he has too many people to take care of.
I know he has his own family but sometimes I need lots of his attention.
I know he tries to give me as much as he can when he affords.
But today he really can't promise what I want.
I know.. and I have to accept.
Well... I should say I do not have a choice to say I do not want to accept.
I am thinking now.. I shall make myself happier...
Every time I only say but I did not do it.
Now I really want to make it.
My happiness is by myself.
Girls without bf can survive so why can't I?

I liked to ask.. Family more important or Lover more important ah?
A very stupid and childish question.
Now I do not ask this anymore..

Dear, I do not know if you read this or not..
But I know.. You love them more than me..
It is comparable. Because your love is not endless!
There is a limit.
They are more influential.
And you do not have a choice to say whether you want them or not. You must want them.
But me... you can always just walk away.

Don't always think that I am stupid ....
I know wan, okay?

Please, my friends... If you read this accidentally..
Let me know when you are free... then we can go hang around.
But please... Dun make me spend!
I am broke!
Saving for Bangkok Trip.

Another thing is...
My dear friend, Brittaney.
We have told you many many times...
Do not stand there any more! Move on.. Move on.
If I got dumped by my bf now..
I shall move on too...
I can get through last time... I believe I can get over it better.
If my bf does not love me anymore, I find that it is pointless to be together.
Lagipun, he is like making use of you.

Back to Tob again...
I am not sending you off tomorrow...
But all the best again!
See you in December!


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Spore Trip - Day 1 & 2

I tell you huh...
I am supposed to leave my house before 9 am on 28th December...
So that I can drop by Malacca to eat the nice nice Chicken Rice Ball..
But ah the stupid driver only came at 10am..
So we fought teruk-teruk...

Okay.. finally we left about 11.45 to look for tyre shop to get a new spare-tyre.
Then we went for lunch during the waiting-time!

We entered the highway around 1310p...
Reached JB about 1630 or earlier... I can't remember!!
We went to have our tea at Lavender @ Taman Pelangi...
Everytime I am down at JB, I am sure to visit this shop.

But something we do not like is the parking system..
It is like the Singapore Style... not the KL or PJ style.
You have to get some parking coupons.. so that you can make holes on it!
At first we though of not getting the coupons and we are sure to kena summon but luckily we passed by a Hardware shop that actually sell that too!

After having tea....
We drove to my sis' office at Taman Sentosa - a super high crime rate place.
She refused to send us to the Bus Station because she said she does not know the way.
Okay... We took a cab there.

From the bus station we took a bus with the S'pore registration number to the customs.
It costs us RM 1.10.
Cheap.. But we don't know mah..
So we asked the driver loh..
The uncle ah... Damn lan si you know!!
We asked him and he asked us back : Where is this? Jb then use RM lah...
We got damn boh song...
How would I know lah.. You are with S'pore Registration number mah...
Si bei Chuen ah!

On the Bus 170 to JB Customs

Passed by City Square

We got through the customs from JB then to Woodlands one...
Very crowded in the bus...
We dropped off at Kranji MRT station and we took train from there to Simei.
My cousins came to pick us there..
Yeah.. We reached there...
And went back to their house for dinner....

The next day, we went to have breaky near my Uncle's house @ Tampines.
Wanted to eat kway chap but the stall is not opened so early.
So I just simply got soemthing to eat.
I had this:

First Breakfast : Curry Laksa

Looks very nice hoh?
But I can't taste any curry flavour.
All I ate is just noodles in red-yellowish coconut milk...

Then my cousin - Edmund brought us to NUS Museum becaz the Stupid Driver requested!

First Destination: Museum @ NUS

Things used by the Students that have gone to Mount Everest huh!!
NUS is rich enough to finance them... I also want!

The old school hostel setting!
I have no older generation that went for Uni.. So i have no idea how was it like!

Well... The University of Malaya is also 100 years old...
Of cause lah.. They are actually brothers..
But why huh?
One is on No 22 and another one is on No 100+ izzit???
I am not sure why.
But the Minsiter of Higher Education is still happy that it is in Top 200!!!

The classic pillow

Interesting one....

This is a very nice vase.

After that we took their internal used feeder bus to the Raffles Museum..

The campus...
Singapore is not that big but their campus quite big hoh!

Visited this as well..

Looks like peacock!

Large Turtle

Largest Crab!

My damn tired look after walking for one hour?

After that we took a cab from NUS to the Spore Science Centre at Jurong East. The lady cab driver doesn't really know hot to drive... because the way she drove quite scary.....

2nd Destination: Singapore Science Centre @ Jurong East

Their mission.. What is ours???


Admission Charges

The poster below quite cute hoh?

What do you see???

And what do you see now?

You can climb if you want to...

I am from Venus

We had lunch at McDonalds there... I had their new product:

First lunch: McDonalds @ Science Centre
Something they have but we don't... Rice Bugger huh!!
It is called Fan-tastic.. Fan as in Rice!!

Dear aka Stupid Driver had McSpicy... Similar to our Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. But I think ours is more spicy.

This is how it looks like..

How the fan-tastic looks like...
Very very hot!

The diiferent types of sauce provided! I like the tartar suace.

Wait wait wait..

I forgot to mention that we watched the movie in their theater...I watched till headache...

Lift the Metal Block.. I can hardly do it!!

Hot air balloon

Cycling. Heheheh!

By the plane...

Do you want to have a try???

Big Cockroache... Yucks!!

Singapore Power!!

The Shell Exhibits...

Model of Sonoko Power Station

Our big hibiscus

The eye....

The little boy's ears!

My nose is relatively small compared to this!

My bone!

My arms...

This is the most inteesting one... Baby... How I looked like!!

Making a Baby!!

I want to have a baby too .... One day lah!