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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Review II


They went to visit the factory on the 1st of Feb @ 10 am. The gate opened and they entered!
There was some funny show welcomed them to the factory and the trip started. One scene to one scene. The 1st one was the "jungle"?? Izzit? Everything there is made of chocolate... and the highlight is the fountain. The fountain water mix with the chocolate to produce the best candy in the world. The fat boy fell in the (chocolate) river and get sucked up by the pipe and send the the production room. 4 kids left!

And now we get to know who is actually operating the machine and the factory. It's the Ommppa-Lummpa. They sing a song after the fat boy get his lesson.....

Then they get up to the boat, and go to the next visit. They visit a room something like "invention room". The always-get-champion girl kena here. She said she is the chewing gum champion in the world. So she tried Willy Wonka's new product. He actually stopped her, but she refused to. She became a blueberry. Left 3!

The next one is they go to the nut room. Izzit?? I can't remember the name. And it's the rich girl's turn. She get thrown into the dumping site and to be burnt. 2 more left!

And then it's the TV room since this gaming boy like tv so much. He is being minimised. Left only Charlie!

Finally, Willy Wonka tried his elevator that can go to the right and left, up and down or even flying for the first time to Charlie's house.... Charlie, of caz is the winner, is getting his prize. Willy offered him to stay with him in the factory. Charlie refused too becaz he doesn't want to leave his family alone. Wah.... very good boy hoh???

Then he made Willy to get his dad back.... The story ended in the Charlie's house relocated at the Factory.

Nice or not??

If you give me a Chocolate Factory and I have to live in there, i also dun want. I want to stay out to see the rest of the world too!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005


I am supposed to put my review on the movie on Thurs. But something bad, real bad happened! I had relationship break down, appetite break down, mental break down, almost everything in life break down.

Well, I am the mechanic for meself!!! Will do my job daily ie check the engine, battery etc.
Okay.. Back to the movie.This show is really a show for kid and I'm not one that love chocolate, so I dun find it hard seeing all the chocolatesssss...

Well, the factory owner - Willy Wonka missing in action for very very long. Not MIA lah but nobody has seen him for ages after he annouced that the factory will be closed "for ever". I can still remember that Charlie asked why the factory is still operating now since he the owner said he wants to close the factory forever. Hahaha... Then his mom told him.... "sometimes, when people say forever, they mean for a long time!"

So next time, if people tell you "forever", you better check with them the definition of forever.

Okay, go back to the story. Nobody has ever seen people walking in and out the factory. NO WORKERS!!! Can you believe that? No, me myself dun. Must be somebody operating the machine wat at least!! Rite or not??

So one day, Willy Wonka get some people to post this note stated that he is opening his factory for 5 children to visit... What they need to do is just to buy chocolate and eat and see whether there is a GOLDEN TICKET in the candy bar. Wah, must be cun rite? Of caz everybody wants to go in!!! So after the news has spread to every corner of the world, people start buying and open the candy bad!

The first kid that got the Golden Ticket is a fat kid. I think he is from Germany. He eats a lot of candy..... Even when the reporters went to interview him, he is still eating!!! OMG!!! The father is selling some sausages!!

I cannot remember the sequence of the kid. This little girl. Quite cute and sweet, from England. Her dad owns a factory to do with nuts. She gaves her dad "order" that she wants the Golden Ticket. So her dad's workers have to open the wrapper of the candy bars to check whether there is a Golden Ticket. Finally, they found one for her.

Another one is a boy... Walau ei, this boy!! He played games like mad. (Not sure it's an x-box or ps. Dun care also.) I can't remember the story about him. Not too funny. Maybe he finished playing his killing-people-game, and he just ate any of the candy, and there is a golden ticket for him.

The forth is the very-lansi-girl. She played tae-kwan-do, i think. She won lots of competitions... that is not the point. Also, one day she eats the candy bar, she unwrapped it and found there is a golden ticket.

Gone, Charlie is so disappointed. He doens't have the chance since he only get the candy bar once a year as bday gift. So on his bday, the parents bought him one. He opened up, and found nuthing is inside... He is so sad and disappointed. The next day, he grandpa gave him the only coin he has. Told him to grap the first chocolate he sees in the nearest shop. So he did that as it is the instruction form his grandpa (Good Boy). But still they dun get.

Another day, he walked on the street. He saw a bank note!! So he ran to the shop and get one! Guess what? This time he really found his Golden Ticket. People even offer him money for the ticket. But the shopkeeper scolded the people there and told Charlie to run home. So he went home and show to his family members. They told him to get himself ready but he said he wanted to sell the Golden Ticket, but another grandfather gave him a lecture. So he still go... (If he doesn't, then there is no movie lah). So his Grandfather George.... went with him...

Walau ei, so long ah... continue another day!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Movie Day

For such a long time I din blog. Why?? I dunno why too. But I did update my livejournal on my weekends.

Okay. Within 2-week times (13th - 26th Aug), I've watched 3 movies. Suprise???? Yeah, I hardly visit the cinema. But dunno why, I go there so often huh? I watched Romasanta on the 13th, Bewitched on the 21st and today Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Wahahaha.. I watched with Kat today. 2 big kids in the cinema.. sighing.....

I give it a rating 5.5 out of 10. I like the scene but the story is like.... I dun really like it! Maybe I ain't a "real kid" or maybe I dun enjoy chocolate that much.

But I learnt some lessons from that movie. Gotta make a short review tomolo... Too tired to think of it now.

Btw, I met Benjamin in one U.... Hahaha... I've not been seeing him for years and I actually bumped into him today, with the gf i think!!! Hahahahahhaha~!

Friday, August 19, 2005


Today the 19th of August, is the 1st anniversary. Some people might know what happened, some people might not. Nevermind, it's not important to you guys. But it is very important to my family and relatives.

Mi, I wonder what are you doing now? Watching over me? A year without you is hard for me but i think i'm adapting it well enough. Sometimes i have some breakdowns but recover fast. Hope things with you are alrite. Miss you lots.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hair Cut day

Met up with Kat in One U, window shopping with her for an hour then she left home to fetch her sis to tuition. Talk about tuition, both of us wanting to get a tuition job too!!! MONEY - we need you! I dun like money, but i need money!

Had my hair today at Dry Cut... Promotion again, so it cost me RM 27.50. Not bad, i like this stylist. He doesn't look charming, but he has the attitude. Hmm.... Note here first, i just like his hair-cutting ok?? Dun get me wrong.

Went too SS2 to have my dinner. Ate Asam Laksa and Chee Cheung Fun... There are people singing, but i dunno the purpose of the function. Maybe it's bcaz of the Lunar 14 July???

Kinda normal for me these few days. Nothing big!

Monday, August 15, 2005

My colleagues

Nah..... these are the pictures taken on my last day and the day before. Most of them are here except GM, Aman, Yin Huei, Kerry, Lian Mei, Azlina and Alex.

BoonTeng and I. We are like sisters. We always tease and laugh at LKF. Hahahaha

Vangie and meself. She is as thin as chopstick but she can eat a lot wei....

Joyce aka Er Jie (2nd sis) of mine. The one at the back is Angela aka Da Jie (eldest sis). 3 of us always laugh, talk, joke and do work together.

GM's secretary - Seow Lai

BoonTeng and Seow Lai

Mr Kenny Lin and meself. Nice??

Very dark huh this picture. On my left is Ms Lee Ai Vin... She is the assistant manager. High efficiency. I bet you can't beat her!

Soon Kit, the new senior consultant of the firm. He joined RSM on the same day with me but i left before him!

Latifah in Red and Ying Yi in black. Both are the senior consultants in the firm.

The group picture..... Intan (in glasses) hiding at the back....

Mr Arul Gunendran, the senior manager - friendly and cute.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Worst Day Ever

I dun have to drive to work yesterday.... But it was the worst day i tell you... I took LRT from Dang Wangi back to Tmn Bahagia. I wore mask.... But in the train, when the sliding door opened, hmm... you can really smell the burning smell... Oh my god, i cannot imagine, if i were to walk!!!

Wah... on LDP.... so damn hazy

I can't even recognise where was it... no sign at all to tell me

I guess this is near One U edi.. but i can't see any building.

Now i can see the word Bandar Utama..... :(

Went to One U for dinner and to get eggs and mayo to make breakfast for people in the office on my last day/today.... Sad sad.....

Will update what happened on Friday later... too tired!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


How do you actually define "space"?
To me, it is an area between objects.

I saw this guy wrote "she needs her own space". Now it makes me think. This word appears now and then after the morning conversation. I cannot think of any other things when i'm not engaged.

I feel that I am lacked of something. For all these while, I am thinking I am so much afraid of of being alone. Do I really need something? Yeah, maybe.. or maybe not.. Now i need to think of what i want. Hmm.... space again, maybe i need to shut myself in a space.

I want to do something... Dancing again??

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My 2nd last time driving to work...

3 more days.... and it's the end of my internship. Kinda sad but still i need to go back to college for my final year (i hope). Tomolo i'm not driving to work, so this is my 2nd last time of driving myself. Enjoying the scenery... but ah... these are what i saw lah!

On the way to work. Near Jln Duta toll....
Wanted to take a clearer picture... so i wound down the window.... damn smelly lah....

On the way back - This is bad... on Sprint Highway.
Again, it is smelly... but damn, the cars were so slow... Cannot see meh???

Mana Eastin Hotel???

Now i can see...

Hiyo.. went home straight. Din want to eat out also... The air stink....
I dun want my food smell like burning noodles or rice.

We terpaksa cancel the makan trip to Teluk Gong becaz of this stupid burning smell and haze. Gotta postpone it!!!!!

Hazy Tuesday

The ugly buidling is a bit blur now...

The KL tower is actually quite near....

Yeah... taken from Jalan Raja Abdullah... Near the Dang Wangi Putra Station...


The Milenium Tower cannot be seen... I'm near CIMB....

On the Sprint Highway... Very blur too....

Clinic where Odie was sent too..... cost 200 bucks....

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Monday @ 8 August

The stupid kancil is trying to cut q... Must be someone with license kopi again....

Hmm... the ugly building can still be seen... The weather still ok...

My first spec-on pic.... Nerdy??

Different side of the face....

Hmm... i like this one

Soup for PS' day

Marinara to cure LPS' stomach!

Another order....



I miss Odie....

Yesterday, i have a great dinner at the Fasta Pasta (the 9th month).... It's F.O.C. The prize winner belanja... Hahaha... We ordered a small bowl mushroom soup, a spaghetti marinara and something monte carlo. Supprisingly, they dun have penne????? They gave us their homemade maccheroni. A lot more bigger than macoroni!

The mushroom soup was so so so yummy. NO worry, i have the pic in the digicam. I din get to upload them caz when i reached home, i was too tired to do anything else... **

Well, when i was home yesterday, my niece told me that the pet - Odie - die.... I was like "HUH?? WHY?" Then she started to tell me the story. I cried... i miss the dog. I want Odie to be alive. That time my sis was on the phone, when she finished, i asked her wat happened, then she said "Odie is still alive... he is in the clinic... the mouth bone disjointed and he hurt his face"....
I was so happy.... I miss Odie so much... and thinking maybe we'll go see him today after work in Taman Megah.

I learnt a lesson. I must treasure what I have.

Monday, August 08, 2005

PC Fair Day Post

On my way to PC fair.... this is Milenium Tower...

Another wan... near Sentral!

Taken from 3rd floor of the KL Convention Centre.... The pic isn't that nice dued to the flash but quite artistic too... Heheheh

Wah, so many suns at nite??

I seriously think that they should remove the tree that covering the word...

MNG @ KL plaza

Time to go back... but haven't taken my dinner

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Putrajaya on 23rd July....

Supposingly.... this is post for July, but ah, dunno what happened to Hello.. Not responding. So gotta push it till now. Putrajaya, i lost my way n times.... just to look for the fruit fest... too many people, decided not to join.. luckily.... hhahahah.. nothing much to eat i assumed.

In putrajaya...

How many flags are there??

It's the PM's office!

So hot.... Can't even open my eyes.

Canggihnya the design....

The convention centre of Putrajaya.

Close up!!

Different designs of street light....