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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mi!

It's the 30th of May again..
I would like to wish my mum a very Happy Birthday!

Hope she is enjoying herself the way she wants!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

The day after exam!

On Wednesday, we went for "The Da Vinci Code".
Usually I prefer to watch movie in GSC Hall 2 and 3 because the cinema is big, the screen is big, the sound system is good too.
The show we watched was at 11.15am.. and it was at Hall 2.

About the show.. it was not that good because a lot of things was not emphasized on.
Though I didn't read the book but I know by reading the book, you'll know better about the movie.


I was craving for the mee sua...
So we had one!

Oysters Mee Sua

Then we went to have Yoshinoya... it was on promotion!

Yoshinoya's Beef Bowl

Salmon Bowl

Miso soup!

The rice is good.. Because it wasn't dried.
But the miso soup is a bit salty.

I decided to have home-cooked food for dinner...
So we left for grocery in Tesco.
I love doing grocery there because things there look cleaner and newer.

Stir-fried Siu Pak Choy with Baby Corn

I realised I can't cook siu pak choy like choy sum..
I need to add water so that it's well-cooked.
I don't know how to cook baby corn so I boiled them first before stir-frying them.

Steamed Medium Sized Pomfret

My first time steaming fish..
Hahahah!! Just pour the steamed-fish soy sauce, sesame sauce and a lil bit of white wine.
Also added some ginger slices and onion leaves.

Lemon Chicken

The other day, i tried cooking lemon chicken too with fried chicken.
But this time, I didn't fry the chicken because it's oily and unhealthy.
I heat the wok with oil and add some garlic.. then I put in the chicken...
Stir frying them....
Later I add the lemon sauce with water ....
Cooked till the water is absorbed by the chicken wings and the chicken wings are well-cooked!

Simple and easy for a home-cooked meal!
Try it if you have the time...

It's finger licking good for us, I'm not sure about you!

Kind Heart?

姓  名: 李佩珊
出生日期: 西元1984年10月2日
靈  數: 72


  你是溫和的人,凡事都會注重和諧感,喜歡和諧的生活,尤其在人際關係上喜歡和人搭配合作的感覺。你富有團隊的精神,喜歡跟好朋友一起完成一些事,並且不會刻意凸顯自我,也不會跟人爭,是個受歡迎的人。  在生活上,你希望有個伴侶,因此很注重婚姻和家庭,會與家人親切的相處,主動照顧家人,用心經營一個穩定美滿的家庭,因此你如果從事服務業會很適合喔!  感情方面,往往會有理想與現實不一致的狀況發生,比如你想與青梅竹馬的女孩結婚,心裡暗下決定如果不能如願,就抱定獨身主義,結果卻與另外一位意想不到的女生結婚,雖然你的老婆真的很賢慧,家庭美滿,但是你對於自己的那位理想情人,卻頗難忘懷。  你的生命目標是圓融人際關係,而且喜歡生活在充滿活躍與新鮮的世界,將這二者同時運轉起來,既要顧到人情義理,又要顧到個人自由,在當中不但會和各式不同的人相遇,帶來一些煩惱和困擾,但同時也會讓你擁有許多快樂時光,因此說,你的生命目標是用心靈的力量去圓融各類的人際關係。  你一旦玩起來就像小孩子一般,帶點稚氣,喜歡與山水之美溶成一片,覺得處於自然的景物中比在人工化的都會區裡好太多了。你擁有冒險的精神,因此經常天涯海角的去旅遊,以發現更多美好的地方,並嚮往著能夠自由自在的學習、研究、閱讀一切你所喜歡的事物。  你的個性特徵是雙重性格,一方面你很需要伴侶,需要與人合作,或有人幫忙,可是另一方面你的自我主義也很強,很希望有自己的自由空間。  你是一個喜歡求新救變,想像力豐富,點子非常多的人,只要是需要研究想像,或運用頭腦的事情,你都可以做的很好。但是在人際關係上,會有一些矛盾的狀況,比如你一方面想對別人好,想要跟人拉近距離,可是又有防衛心,又怕被捆綁住,所以跟人想要保持距離,提醒你這種自我矛盾的心態,是你人生的一大挑戰喔!  建議你先找到自己的志向,才能專心的投入於工作中,讓內心更自由自在,不受到矛盾的煎熬,否則你會永遠在尋尋覓覓,定不下心,也會與人產生疏離感。  你的優點是很重視社會關係,人情義理,思考很週到,但是不會太衝動,可能的話兩邊都不得罪,是一個重視社會名聲的人。你能從別人身上學習,找到自己所需要的,喜歡探索事物的本質,常常在事物中有更深層的體悟,會與人分享寶貴的經驗與真理。  你的缺點是不管在任何的地方,你都會覺得綁手綁腳,過得不快樂,甚至有時會搞到兩面不是人的境地,那是因為你太想要內外兼顧,因此可能兩邊都做不好。由於凡事想得太多,太過於敏感,當然會弄得自己緊張兮兮,身心疲憊。  你的人生運勢是在一些固定的圈子裡面繞來繞去,生活領域不是很寬闊,是屬於比較靜態的流動,你的生活圈也會逐漸擴大,但不是很快速,可能在從事不同階段的工作時,接觸到不同的生活領域,因而交往不同的朋友,你也會努力與自己的伴侶保持良好的溝通,並西望透過伴侶的協助,獲得和諧圓滿的人際關係。提醒你有時候你會只顧忙著人際上的關係,而沒有時間投入到自己的興趣和家人的關係喔!   你的天賦潛能就是富有研究精神,同時那也是你最大的興趣,比如你擅長運用明快的思維來應付別人,在面對每一種不同的人物時,都會考慮不同的相處模式,因此在與人相處上你特別有心得,很罩得住!那絕對是來自於你本身的想像力和推理能力很優喔!在工作上,你最適合那些需要大量思考能力,或是靠一雙巧手的相關職業。

The above was partly true for me..

Try it out @

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Secret Weapons for Exam!

My first paper was over...
I'm not sure if I can pass the exam or not but it was easier than last year paper.

On Monday.. I spend my time with these:

Secreat Weapon 1

Secret Weapon 2

Secreat Weapon 3

I slept at 3am but I didn't have a tight sleep.
I was dreaming about the elements in the subject.
SO scary.
But now it's over and hopefully I don't have to see it again!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fish & Co

After spending half a day at home on Saturday, went to One Utama for dinner.
At first, we were undecided.
But we were considering between Fish & Co and Chili's.
Finally, we walked in to Fish & Co because we haven't had the platter there.

I was craving for the platter for so so so long dee..
But most of the time we don't eat there or we dine in Manhattan Fish Market.

Wooden coaster!

Special Chilli sauce, tartar sauce and garlic

Yummy yummy!!

Seafood Platter for Two!


The food served was goood.
I was thinking that the fish served is deep fried like fish & chips but it wasn't. I think it was either being grilled or pan-fried.
There were 10 prawns and a generous portion of big-sized calamari.
The calamari was good.. not deep fried too! I love it.
And there was 1/2 dozen of mussels in creamy garlic & lemon butter sauce..
Wow... it was so so so so delicious.
The fries are so "fat" and "thick".
The rice was okay...
With that price... It's definitely a "MUST-EAT" if you are going there with bf/gf/mom/dad or whoever lah.

I think in M.F.M, their flamming platter for two is about 10 bucks cheaper but they only gave 4 prawns and calamari and fish were deep fried and there is no mussels.

So I think I'lll rather pay another 10 dollars for those I love.
But M.F.M's Pacific Baked Dory Fish is nice.

Yeah.. I love fish!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

2 more days

Another 2 more days to the deadline.
It marks the starting point of my struggling-tiring-neverending journey.

He is making me think now...
He asked me lots and lots and lots of questions about the so-near-yet-so far FUTURE.
But he has never asked me if I want the diamond that worth RM 20k or the tote bag I wanted.

I can't think of anything other than exam questions.
I'm thinking of how to show the estimator is unbiased, consistent and efficient.
Prerably everything is a BLUE.
Or I'm thinking of what test to be used when the estimator has problem...
Or I'm thinking of how to overcome these problems.

But why in the world, we don't have the formulas to show that we are unbiased, consistent and efficient.
Why in the world, we don't have any test to test the presence of problem...
Maybe yes... some IQ tests and EQ tests or some bluff-people love tests or some bluff-people personality tests then usually make most of the people fall in the same group by answering a few questions.
Why in the wolrd, we don't have a paradigm of solutions to tell us exactly what to do to overcome the problems....

But in Econometrics, we have plenty...
Or I quote "too many".
Until I dream of it almost every night.

I don't know what to answer...
So I answered him something that he would love to hear or know or maybe he doesn't love.
I just want to have clear-minded time because I'm very very very very worried of exam on tuesday.

Calm down, calm down...
Who knows what is happening to me?
Who knows??
I doubt he knows!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Damn it...
I've just realised that I can't skip any topics for EE..

I'll leave the topics till weekends.
Meanwhile, I'll be doing PYQ.

Btw, I have the mock paper for MA..
Anybody is interested??

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Yesterday, I was having lunch at the cafeteria in Wisma E&C.
I was sitting in between this group of people from the MNC named, Shall+Hell...
They were all speaking in mandarin plus I was sitting IN BETWEEN them..
So whatever they talked about, it came into my ears.

At first.. these 3 girls were talking about SPEEDING then where to pay summon.
One(A) of them got a ticket from Polis Diraja...
She doesn't know where to pay for the ticket...
Another one (B) suggested her to pay in Police Station.
A doesn't know which police station to go to....
B suggested her to go to any police station.

LPS thought to herself: If you don't know which police station to go to, then go see if the shopping mall has offered special counter to pay fine ie One Utama.

Then another 2 guys came and sit on my leftside.
The conversation is as follows:-

A: Your hair colour so dark, sure need to dye a few times then only can see the colour one right? My bro was like that leh."
G : No ah.. I tried once... and can see the colour also.
A: Then what happened to your hair now? You dyed it back to black huh?
G: Nolah... Long already so cut it off already.

LPS was laughing to herself and thinking why in the world got such funny conversation one....

One of the girl was talking to another guy, H. I cannot remember if it is the same girl or others.
Assume it's another girl (C)
C: You cut your hair already? Look so different.
H: Yaya.... My wife too.
C: How much you spent?
H: Mine - RM 20. Hers - RM 15.
C: Why is yours so expensive?
H: She cut in the salon that she goes all the time... So they charge her cheaper.
C: Why don't you have your hair cut there too?
H: Don't want lah... All the ladies & aunties there only.
C: You never dye your hair?
H: Don't want lah... I'm going to be father soon. I don't want to be a bad example.

LPS said to herself: DUH??? What does it have to do with your baby?? If you don't get your hair dyed, your baby will think that you are some old -fashioned people.. So dull...


I don't expect people from "Shall+Hell" speaking in mandarin and in this kind of funny topic.
No.. I'm not saying that they must speak serious topic but some not some too funny topic lah.
I almost burst out into laughter when I heard that..
So I ate my lunch very very fast.. trying not to laugh while they are there!

Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm feeling down!

The nearer is to 23rd May...
The more sleepy and tired I am.

I don't know why...
I think it is not due to the 2-day labour work.
But why??

I still got 4-5 chapters to go..
And I must finish them by thursday, so I can start doing the past year questions.

I'm feeling down.
I have so much work to be done.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wesak Day

Wesak eve, I spent half a day in BUBS for the preparation of oil lamps.
I didn't sleep well the night before so when I reached home, I slept till 7pm..

On Wesak Day itself, I went there around 12pm after brunch!
Then looking around at their Wesak Food Fair.

Wesak Food Fair Plan

Oil lamps

Food fair closed at around 2pm...
Then we started cleaning up the oil lamps at 3pm.
Things were done at 4.20pm..
We broke quite a number of glasses too when we were washing and packing the glasses back into the boxes.

It was a fun day...
And it was the 1st wesak celebration I went to.

Wanted to go to One Utama after that...
But I saw there were damn a lot of cars going in...
So decided to go to The Curve instead of One U.
Luckily the traffice wasn't that bad.
Walked around The Curve... and was trying the Ogawa Massage Chair (because he sent the foot massager back for repair... the thing was not working.. and I was just trying because I hate Ogawa.)

Then went to Ikano...
Walked around and looking for a place for tea+dinner...
Settled down at Uncle Lim's

Nasi Lemak
It wasn't as good as the one that I had in Times Square.
And.. the rice was not properly cooked..
So I demanded for another bowl of rice for substitution.

Roti Bakar

Then we went to Ikea for coffee and currypuffs..
I just love the currypuffs there...

Bought a pair of sandals in Vincci..
Wanted to get another 2 pairs of heels.. but there are no sizes left for me..
So sad!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm on Diet

Oh my goodness...
I'm not sure when I started putting on weight...
Must be too much of eating due to stress!!

Shall go for exercise!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Dana @ BUBS

Yesterday, I went to BUBS for Dana.
It was the first Dana I ever attended.
And I went alone yesterday because he was not around.
At first, I was afraid because I am new there and I don't really know the rest of the Tai-tai/Si-Lai/Uncles & Aunties!
But since I've committed and I have nothing better to do...
I must go no matter what.

There was a talk at 9am but I can't wake up so early so... I did not attend for the Dhamma Talk by Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda.
There was a Dana session at 11am.
I brought watermelon because that is just what I am able to prepare for the "safety" of everybody there.

Look...These are the food brought by the members of BUBS.

6 tables of food
Fried Mee-hoon, fried rice, different types of curry chicken, fried loh shi fun, veggie, fried chicken, roast duck, kuih, fruits etc...
I tell you .. If the word “dana” was not mentioned, one would have thought that this is a house-warming party.
Or this is even grander and merrier than a house warming buffet.
Everybody brings something, and everybody gets to eat.
Not bad... All home-cooked food!

Oyster Mee Sua
This is damn good..
As good as the Shih-Lin in One Utama...
This even comes with shark fins..
Done by Sister Sau Ling (I think that's her name)

The devotees serving Chief Reverand

Dining Time

Chief Sangha Nayaka of Malaysia and Singapore: Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda

This Wesak Day eve, I'll be helping out in the preparation of oil lamps though I'm so busy with my exams preparation.
On Wesak Day itself, I'll be in charge of cleaning up the oil lamps.
I'm just lending my hands for those who need help.

I'm beginning to learn about Buddhism.
Thus I should spend more time understanding and knowing what a real Buddhist is supposed to know.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Thomas Cup Japan 2006 (II)

Everyone knows...
Malaysia Badminton Squad did not qualify for the Thomas Cup Final. They were defeated by Denmark in the semi-finals.

I feel so sad for them.
Our doubles were excellent but not the singles.
I don't blame the 3rd singles player Kuan Beng Hong for not performing well.
In the first place, he was not even expected to play a significant role in the tournament.
He was thrown into the fray, after Wong Choong Hann suffered a serious injury.

Many reasons were given for their failure.
But I was wondering if our 1st and 2nd singles players were over- confident??
Or they are not fit enough to match the Danes?

I don't know.
But we can't blame them for all. Many factors has been attributed for the failure.
We can also not blame it on bad luck only because Wong Choong Hann is injured.

Perhaps, we don't deserve win the Thomas Cup at all!

We shall look forward for Asian Games or World Championship in Madrid later.

China won again and I think they deserve it!!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gathering @ HoneyBee, SS2

Bee Yam called me yesterday, asking me to go out today because Lay Sye wanted to meet us up for a gathering.
I was thinking...
Why huh?
She wants to meet us but Bee Yam called ???
She has big anoouncement to make izzit???
Since I have nothing to do, so I promised to go.

And just now..
We met up at Honey Bee Cafe, SS2...
The car looks so cute but it has flat tyres!

I show you the food and beverage.

Drinks Ordered:
MangoTwinkleLittleStar (Bee Yam), Love Letter (Lay Sye), Pink Panther (Ting Ting & BF), Iced Lemon Honey (Myself)
My comment: They don't have much choices.. I looked at the menu for more than 10 mins, then only I decided what to drink. But what I ordered is not in the menu.. Hahahah!
I'm not sure if their ice blended is nice or not.
I hope people drink will leave a comment.

Bee Yam's Ginger Onion Chicken Rice

My Thai Styled Chicken Rice
My comment: Wah.. this is like one of the most 'Does-Not-Taste-Like-Thai-Food' chicken rice that I've eaten. I can only taste HOT and sour. I think I can cook better. Just go get a bottle of Thai Chili Sauce (No the one you see in KFC) and cook with fried chicken will do!

Ting Ting's Waffer

The food = no good.
The environment okay lah...
But when I was eating, we smelled something like 'salted-fish'. I think it's Belacan.
Why you cook that kind of thing and you still let you customers smell that.
Very potong-stim you know...
Talk talk half-way, and you smell something like that.
Bee Yam actually covered her nose with tissue!!

Photo session:

Chi Yng and I

Pretty smiles we have there!!

Me, Chi Yng, Bee Yam, Lay Sye and Ting Ting

Lay Sye and I...
I don't know what goes wrong with the "dot" on my head!

Bee Yam and I...
I must admit that I AM FAT!!!

We had a great time.
We laughed damn loud in the cafe.
We were talking about their work, our exams, our lives, beauty and etc...

Ting Ting wants to have her wedding reception in KL Convention Centre...
But.. Think about the charges for the ballroom..
I think by that time money are all paid for the ballroom, there will be no money left for catering...
So it's better to have some cheap caterer to cook for RM 15/pax...
First class environment and 3rd class food??
Do you want it this way?

I don't want.
I want all done nicely.
I still want a private, warm and fun reception.

But... it's too far away to think about.
Lets concentrate in EXAMS...
We "love" exams!

Lay Sye said she feels like giving up her ACCA...
Wow.. That really scares me..
I'm not even there but she is already giving up.

Will make a decision next year when I finish my course and all that depends on my job.
If I can get a pretty good pay-job but not asking me to obtain a professional degree like that, I don't mind skipping all the professional titles!
Status cannot last forever..
Ya ya.. I know professionals last (maybe not)..
For me, I think professionals need to keep themselves updated.
So if I don't update myself with the relevant stuffs, I better not force myself to obtain the title, unless I don't have to worry about money, so I would spend my free time studying that!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Finally I am studying...
It is studying..
By this time, people usually doing revision!!
But.. I am only studying, understanding what them..
I don't mind being slow but I must be steady.

And I've just realised CF is a very interesting subject.
But sometimes the theories are too in-depth.
I'm not sure this happens to other courses or not but in my course all the theories are like that.
We learn more in theories than pratical.
I don't know whether all the knowledge gained will be useful in work later or not..
But at right now, all that are important for EXAMS!!!

I went to library at 11am...
I left at 4pm because it was going to rain soon and I don't want to get caught in the traffic jam.
Waited for the feeder bus to main block and once I got up to the car, the rain starts..
Lucky man...
I had productive hours in the library...
I'm happy though it is very tiring and boring.
And now...
I'm still working on the notes.
I want to finish this sub-unit before I go to bed.

Jia you jia you!!

Oh ya!!
Wong Choong Hann will not play for 6 months because he broke his Accilles Tendon.
I'm so sad for him plus he is the captain for the Malaysia Badminton Squad to Thomas Cup Japan 2006.
The 23-year-old Kuan Beng Hong will be playing for 3rd single and Muhd Hafiz will be taking Wong's place for 2nd single.
Hopefully they can still win without Wong.

Get well soon!!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Thomas Cup Japan 2006

Malaysia beat Korea 3-2 to go to the semifinal...

Lee Chong Wei won at 21-17, 21-14.
Chan Choong Ming & Khoo Kien Keat lost at 18-21, 22-24.
Wong Choong Hann retired with the score of 10-6 because he sprained his ankle.
Choong Tan Fook & Lee Wan Wah won at 21-18, 21-9.
Muhd Hafiz won at 21-17, 21-10.

I'm very sad for Wong Choong Hann...
Hopefully we can still see him play in the semifinal or else Kuan Beng Hong will be playing, izzit??

Yeah yeah...
Malaysia will be meeting Denmark in Semifinal...
Malaysia boleh.. main badminton.

China will be meeting Indonesia in Semifinal...
Good good...
They will eliminate themselves by not eliminating Malaysia.


Please take me away from my bed.
My finals are near and I'm still spending most of the time to sleep.
I love sleeping yet I hate sleeping.

I just woke up not long ago...
Then I realise I have 3 more weeks to my first paper.
Ya.. 3 more weeks sounds a lot but I tell you.. What I have to cover in 3-week-time is the syllabus for one whole year... not those 4-month/semester thingy.
Deep shit!!

Econometrics, my beautiful enemy...
How come I don't love you as much as others?
I have done only 2 chapters.. I think there are at least 6 more chapters for me to go through.
Go through, not reading them word by word, you see!!
I better start now or else I'll go back to sleep again.

Btw, Dana @ BUBS on Sunday, who wants to go?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Not Stupid 2 小孩不笨 2

I've watched this movie yesterday.
I didn't watch the first one..
But luckily it doesn't link up the story from the first episode.

It's a very touching show for me.
I'm not sure about you.

But it really scares me....
Having kids is never easy especially in the modern world like this, both the parents are working and they don't really have time at home.

Think twice if you don't like taking care of kids.
If you really want to have kids, please make sure you are willing to spend time on them, talking to them etc.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Klang Bak Kut Teh

Yesterday when I woke up at 12 (I know it's late....), I was hungry.
I was thinking of what to eat!
At first I was thinking to have Ampang Yong Tao Foo...
But MRR 2 is closed so I better not to go to Ampang...

Suddenly I have the urge of eating Bak Kut Teh...
Not the BKT near my house...
But the Klang Bak Kut Teh.

He was saying.. it's a bit too far.
So I volunteer myself to drive there.
And we didn't know if there is any shop still serving BKT in the afternoon.
So he called his friend to enquire.
His friend said that nowadays people want to earn more money so shops at a place called Bandar Bukit Tinggi are still open in the afternoon.
Bandar Bukit Tinggi, here we come.

From my house, I took Jln Subang-Sg Buloh then Jalan Batu Tiga then Federal Highway and pay a toll then I reached Klang, Bandar DiRaja!.
Klang is about 30km away from my house which I still consider near.

RM 1 for the toll..

Hotel-in-progress or abandoned project

After that, I drove straight to Bandar Bkt Tinggi...
It's about 6km more from Bkt Raja.
After searching for 10 mins.. We found that there are only 3 shops still serving BKT.
So we just went in to the one that we saw there were 2 tables of customers.

We tried this one...
Restoran Bak Kut Teh Da Zhong
There is another one nearby - Bdr Bkt Tinggi Bak Kut Teh.

We order 1 pot of Dry Bak Kut Teh and 1 pot of Claypot Bak Kut Teh(Soup).
Look at the pictures of the BKT...
I'm sure you want to try it!

Claypot BKT.
They placed 2 big piece of veggie on top of it.

When I removed the veggie..
This is how it looks like..
Looks good, isn't it??

With dried-chillies, okra and onion leaves.

The meat is so soft and tender.

The soup is darker than those I had in Sg Buloh.

Compare and Contrast the pig intestine.

Empty pots I left with....

The bill came to RM 17.20.
Bak Kut Teh is served at Rm 7.60 per pax...
What a funny price!
Here, at Sg Buloh, they are charging RM 6.50- 7.00 per pax.

The BKT served was tasty for me... I'm not sure about you.
The BKT made the travelling worth while...
The after-taste of the BKT was good!

I will definitely go to Klang for BKT again... but I'll try another shop!!
And I want to have seafood when exam is over...
I found the restaurant that I went in Padamaran.

Rumour has it that the proprietors of BKT shops used Panadol (yes, that paracetamol!!) to make their meat soft and tender. They just chucked one row of Panadol while they are cooking the dish. Well, I don't know whether this is true, it could be those urban legends we hear about every now and then.
Then again, it may not be a bad thing after all.
When you have fever, think BKT
When you have a headache, just get some BKT...hahahah